I'll try to rein in my optimism

I'll try to rein in my optimism


I'll try to rein in my optimism


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I’ve been trying to profess optimism about the Twins’ situation. Minnesota is still on pace to win well over 90 games, they are on a solid track for playoff positioning, and it’s all bolstered by the fact that the Twins will enjoy the easiest schedule of all contenders for the rest of the season.

But then….

I like to be rooted in facts. The facts keep showing that the Twins have a lot of things going for them. And every time I speak up to that, the Indians hit a walk off grand slam. Every time Jake Odorizzi reminds us that while the Minnesota has a long and tortured history, the team hasn’t shared it, and still feel confident, the Twins have blown their double digit lead.

So in the spirit of not jinxing the Twins, I will make sure that the next couple of posts are more forlorn and world weary, befitting the rest of Twins Territory.

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