These Outfits Are a Touchdown! 6 Famous Athletes with Amazing Style

These Outfits Are a Touchdown! 6 Famous Athletes with Amazing Style


These Outfits Are a Touchdown! 6 Famous Athletes with Amazing Style


A few years ago, most of the “celebs” hounded by paparazzi were actors, singers, and reality stars. But times have changed.

With an increased appreciation for sports stars, popular athletes are now constantly in the spotlight. So it’s not only their game they need to be on top of, but it’s also their style too.

Who are the most famous athletes for their game and style? Read on for 6 who are dripping with style inspiration.

Famous Athletes with Famous Style

Who is the best athlete in the world? Well, that debate could go on forever! But when it comes to style, there really are winners and losers.

There’s a long old list of winners, but we’ve picked some of our faves. Check out these sports and fashion icons, in no particular order.

1. Tom Brady

A popular athlete, a Superbowl winner, and a supermodel wife. On top of it all, he also has a sharp style. From velvet tuxedos to beanie hats and sweats, he can pull off any look he wants.

He was even voted one of the most fashionable athletes this year in Sports Illustrated.

2. David Beckham

A British icon for soccer and style. His James Bond look is still turning heads even though he retired from the game back in 2013. In fact, now he’s following in his wife’s footsteps and has started fashion designing.

We wouldn’t expect any less from the husband of Posh Spice.

3. Serena Williams

It’s not only the male athletes who are dominating the worlds fashion scene. In fact, in the Sports Illustrated top 50 fashion icons this year, Serena was number one.

One of the worlds greatest tennis players ever and one of the most famous athletes in the world, she never forgets to look on point. And when she’s not training and winning title after title, she’s designing wedding dresses. Who knew?

4. Kevin Durant

Kevin proves himself a basketball king as he fluidly moves across the court. But when he steps off the court into the real world, his style looks just as effortless.

What makes Durant so stylish is that he’s not afraid to be bold with color. Whether he’s sporting men’s down jackets, denim on denim or sunshine yellow pants, he’s making a statement.

5. Christiano Ronaldo

Another popular athlete who is well-known for style is Ronaldo. Not only is he fast on the pitch, but he is quick to pick up the latest fashions.

He’s got the tailored look down to a tee with his chinos and crisp white shirts. But looks just as good when wearing faded jeans and a slogan t-shirt.

6. Maya Gabeira

Maya’s broken Guinness World Records for fearlessly surfing 68-foot waves. On top of breaking records, she’s fought tirelessly for women’s recognition in surfing.

When she’s not catching waves, she’s stunning everyone with her surfer style. Her beach waves, her laid back looks, and the way she sports Gucci apparel is worthy of imitation.

Sports and Style Go Hand in Hand

With all these famous athletes looking as fly as their game, it’s clear to see that sports and style go hand in hand. So which sports icon will you get your style inspiration from?

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