Who Is Responsible For Bray Wyatt's WWE 'Firefly Funhouse' Segments?

Who Is Responsible For Bray Wyatt's WWE 'Firefly Funhouse' Segments?

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Who Is Responsible For Bray Wyatt's WWE 'Firefly Funhouse' Segments?


The new character of Bray Wyatt “The Fiend” has wrestling fans excited with how WWE has handled the character so far.

WWE star Braun Strowman revealed in an interview with Inside The Ropes who came up with The Firefly Fun House segments for Bray Wyatt. He would say that Bray Wyatt himself came up with the segments besides a WWE writer.

In the video, Braun also went on to comment more about the Firefly Fun House segments and Bray’s creative abilities with the skits (quotes by WrestlingINC.com):

“Oh man, Bray Wyatt, his mind is like no one else’s. The things he’s capable of thinking of and coming up with. Everything is his idea, all this Firefly Fun House, everything. It’s great to have Bray back, especially in the locker room for morale and everything with the guys. He is one of our top stars, he’s one of the locker room leaders, and he’s one of my best friends.”

Braun came into the WWE as a part of The Wyatt Family back in 2015 along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and before that being a part of Adam Rose’s rosebuds.

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House segments aired every week on Raw and SmackDown, which created well deserve praise from fans. The segments would continue week after week until Bray debuted his “Fiend” character on Raw back in July as he attacked Finn Balor in the middle of the ring after his match.

Bray’s “Fiend” character made his in ring debut this past Sunday at SummerSlam as he defeated Finn Balor in an impressive win after pinning Finn using the WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley’s Mandible Claw.

After the match, the in ring debut of the Bray’s new character was well praised by fans and a “That Was Awesome” chant was heard throughout the arena after the match.


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