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3 Strange But Fascinating Things around the NFL

Vegas Loves Da Bears

The Chicago Bears have the forth highest odds to win the Super Bowl at the Ceasars Sportbook in Las Vegas who are giving them 9-1 odds to win the Super Bowl.  As a result, it would seem fair to designate Las Vegas is an official Bears town.  The same cannot be said when you hit the East Coast, strangely enough, which you can find at some of the Best DFS sites in PA.

This may not be all that shocking as in 2018, Chicago went 12-4, winning the NFC North but losing in the wild-card round to the Eagles on a last-second, field goal miss. 

Via ESPN:  

“It’s been kind of overwhelming, the support [for the Bears],” Caesars Sportsbook senior oddsmaker Alan Berg told “Every time the Bears go to the playoffs, the following year, the money just pours in. Everybody gets optimistic.”

Even though we haven’t even hit the regular season, more bets have been placed on the Bears to win the Super Bowl than any other team at multiple Las Vegas locations.  Not everyone is thrilled about this however.  Longtime Bears fan seem less than enthusiastic about everyone going all  in on their team.  It feels an awful lot like a jinx brought on by a bandwagon and how often do the masses know who’s going to win the Superbowl?  

The One Hand Wonder

Not only can Odell Beckham Jr. play the drums, as was seen earlier on the sportsgossip Twitter feed, but he can also do incredible things with one hand.  The superstar wide receiver made an unreal one-handed catch between his legs during practice, proving that he’s in the zone and ready for 2019.

— Cleveland Browns (@Browns) August 19, 2019

Whether your feelings about Odell burn hot or cold, there is no denying this guys talent to entertain.  And sure, while the NFL is one of the closest things we have to the Colosseum, a little entertainment, from time to time, isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world.  Cut the guy a little slack on the practice field… he’s having fun (albeit the OBJ way). 

Add to that, if he tries it in a game, just imagine the hit that he would have to get back up from should he pull a stunt like this in the regular season.  In the meantime, boys will be boys.

Jay Z And The Terrible Towel?

According to some reports, Jay-Z  will soon acquire a “significant ownership interest” in an NFL.  The team itself was not disclosed, but a source said that the deal is imminent and that Carter “wants to continue to be a change agent for the NFL”

While we’re not able to reveal our source, just yet, our reports indicate that Jay Z will be buying former Steelers owner David Tepper’s 5% equity in the team.  All this comes out of the ownership deal that Tepper took earlier when he became the owner of the Carolina Panthers and was forced to sell.

All in all, the Steelers ownership group currently consists of 18 owners, five of whom are part of the Rooney Family.

The deal has yet to be made official but sources close to Jay-Z have claimed that the owners vetting process is complete and he’s received a green light (on perhaps it’s even more appropriate to say “yellow light” at this point) to move forward.  If this is, in fact, the case then the deal would appear to be all but done at a price tag of around $122 million for his 5% stake.   

Regardless, no one can say that Jay-Z is a true mogul and business man.  Who knows… perhaps it will bring some luck to the Steeler nation.

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