Need To Know Stories Around the NFL

Need To Know Stories Around the NFL


Need To Know Stories Around the NFL


It’s Not So Sunny in San Francisco

It’s not the best case scenario when your quarterback looks as rough as 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looked in his first NFL (exhibition) game action since tearing his ACL last October.

ACL injuries can be tricky, and it may take half the season for him to return to peak form, but the clock is ticking on the Niners, who are under the pressure of needing to win this season.  He looked tentative in the preseason game against the Broncos and betting fans took notice, taking advantage of  betfair promo code offerings and jumping on the opportunity to beat the odds before the sportsbooks took notice.  Not much more needs to be said as Garoppolo was just slow in his decision making — clearly not trusting his reads.

Garoppolo’s first pass attempt was taken down at the line of scrimmage, and it really didn’t get any better from that point on. He was pressured by Bradley Chubb on his next pass attempt, and he overthrew a receiver as a result — never really setting his feet. That resulted in an interception for cornerback Isaac Yiadom, and you can watch it below.

There was also this awful throw, which should’ve been a pick-six, but the defender dropped it.

All in all, it couldn’t have been a worse showing for Jimmy G, who clearly is still not even close to being back to full health. He finished the game 1-of-6 passing, for 0 yards, with one INT.


Belichick Cracking Jokes?

Bill Belichick, Patriots head coach, is a man of few words, and he’d be perfectly happy if he could get away with not having to speak with the media at all.

Belichick is old school.  He lets his results do the talking, so he doesn’t necessarily need to leak information to pump himself up through the media. He’s known for keeping internal stuff close to the vest, which is why it rarely ever leaves the Patriots organization.

So when he’s forced to disclose updated statuses on player injuries, he’s not all that thrilled about it. And now that teams will soon be tasked with providing injury reports, given the time of year, he joked about just how “excited” he is.

Not only did Belichick crack a joke, but he also smiled, so everyone must now take two sips of a drink.


Holton Hammers a Hawk

Vikings cornerback Holton Hill went a bit overboard when delivering a brutal hit on the Seahawks quarterback in the latest pre-season showing.

The Seahawks bravely elected to call a run-pass option play with just a few minutes remaining in the game, in an exhibition contest, no less. It was a questionable play call, as was Paxton Lynch’s decision to take off and run,. Still, that’s exactly what he did.

Unfortunately for him, Hill came flying in, helmet-first, and drilled Lynch right in the head, which resulted in a tough-to-watch hit.

Hill was ejected, while Lynch left the game for a possible concussion, so the team’s medical staff could assess the extent of the injury.

As for Hill, he’s continued to draw a lot of criticism for delivering a hit of that magnitude in a preseason game.

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