What is an ultimate marked deck of cards?

What is an ultimate marked deck of cards?


What is an ultimate marked deck of cards?


For most poker players, they may have heard ultimate marked deck of cards, but never used them before. Their favorite choices are invisible ink marked cards. The cards are the popular stars in poker cheating devices which are processed with invisible ink so players can’t detect their luminous marks by naked eyes. And their decks look the same with ordinary poker cards. Marked poker decks with invisible ink have better concealment. Ultimate marked poker cards are different from luminous marked cards poker.

Marked cards are processed with traditional marking ways. In past, invisible ink had not been discovered. Players directly changed the original decks of cards. For example, they may scratch a slight line on the playing cards as mark. Lines in different positions stand for different numbers. Players can see theses marks by their naked eyes. By this method, players can easily know what poker cards their opponents hold. Until now, many players and magicians prefer to ultimate marked decks because these cards don’t need to work with other cheating devices. It’s very convenient.

Ultimate playing cheating cards mainly have three marking ways: block-out, cut-out, tinting.


Like its name, block-out is to block something on the decks of cards. Manufacturers will apply the ink pen with the same color of the decks in blocking. For example, one petal will be blocked with ink pen when the flower has several petals. Different petals mean different numbers. You need to remember the marking rules.


Cut-out is to scrape off some of the printed areas of the card by a razor or a knife. For example, there is a vine on the cards. You can scrape off it from the middle.


Tinting are also called coloring. It use a light color to reprint some areas of the cards. Generally, color should be similar to the original color, but darker or lighter. From the color difference, you can know the cards numbers.

Nowadays, hieroglyphics marking way is also popular because it can be recognized easily. Like the above three marking ways, you need to memorize the marking rules. Otherwise, you know nothing about the cards even when you see the marks. But hieroglyphics marks are similar with numbers. When you see the marks, you will know they stand for what numbers.

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