Difference between Online and Live Dealer Versions of Video Poker Game

Difference between Online and Live Dealer Versions of Video Poker Game


Difference between Online and Live Dealer Versions of Video Poker Game


Poker is a wide term, and there are two main forms of poker game: table poker and video poker. Video poker is a casino game wherein you aim for the five best card hands. At the beginning of the betting, you will receive five cards. You have the option either to swap or hold cards that you like. After you make your decision, the cards that you have not held get exchanged. Video poker attracts several novices as well as experienced players as it is a simple game and it has the thrill of a poker game. It provides great returns with more than 99 percent. You can play the game easily and it is an exciting and challenging game. 

Video poker games are advantageous over table games

A video poker game is offered in various shapes and sizes. The advantages of playing these games on http://qq39.vip are they are played without live dealers. A combination of land-based poker games and online poker games has invented live poker games. In the present times, a popular poker game that has dominated all over the world is Texas Hold’em. It is a popular and well-known game. Players can play it together with a live dealer version. 

Live dealer versus online versions

  • Setting

Live poker is live and online video poker is digital. Due to this, there are time constraints on live poker as there are many people involved in the game.

  • Speed

Online video poker is digital and played solo,and so, the betting rounds involve less time and they are quick just like online slots. Live dealer games take a lot of time.

  • Strategy

An important difference between these two games is tactics. Online video poker has mathematics. If you know the odds to make hands and learn hand rankings when you exchange/hold cards, you gain an edge in the game. 

Live dealer poker games have mathematics; however, timing is important. If you can read the game, the cards that are played and what is dealt with, you become capable of refining your moves. Online video poker game is regarding as isolated hands but live dealer poker game is about game flow, history, and table dynamics. 

Live Dealer poker

Live dealer poker unlike video poker is played on a table. Though the difference is obvious, the objective is similar to video poker. You need to make a five-card hand. You may need minimum requirements of hands while you play a live dealer poker game on qq39.vip

The difference is you need to beat a dealer to win the pot. It introduces you a hand that is very much like Texas Hold’em. At the beginning of the betting round, you have to deal with two cards and you will be asked whether you wish to continue. 

Video poker handles cards in a different manner. As the game is played between you and a machine, it works like a slot machine. You have to line up five random cards to maximize your winnings and get a good hand. 

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