Wade Boggs Continues to Debunk Online Auctions

Wade Boggs Continues to Debunk Online Auctions

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Wade Boggs Continues to Debunk Online Auctions


If you look hard enough, you can find just about anything on eBay.

And if you’re a collector that needs a little bit of everything (looking your way, Rich Davis), seeing a three-foot tall bobblehead from your favorite player’s personal stash…that’s instant excitement right there.

For sale on eBay right now is, as the listing implies, a “real deal…celebrity owned” piece of memorabilia that came out of “Wade’s Personal Trophy Room”.

But is it really? Nope.

“Not true,” the twelve-time All-Star responded via Twitter.

Oh…but that’s not all. Also for sale on Twitter is a batting helmet signed by Boggs and some of his then- Tampa Bay Rays teammates.

Again, Davis reached out to the Hall of Famer.

“Once again Richard,” Boggs tweeted, “you’re right.”

If all this seems familiar…it’s because it is. You see, this isn’t the first (or second or probably even the third or fourth) time Davis, who owns more than 500 autographed Boggs items, reached out to the ChickenMan to see if something was legit.

A few years ago, the Boggs superfan (whose collection already includes game-used jerseys, caps, bats and even shower shoes) happened upon a baseball signed by Boggs and his fellow 2005 inductee Ryne Sandberg and something just didn’t seem right.

None of this is to say eBay isn’t a great place to buy memorabilia…it is. You just need to be careful.

And if you’re able to reach out to the guy who (allegedly) signed or owned the thing…do it!

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