The HOVG Podcast: Roman Weinberg (Part One)

The HOVG Podcast: Roman Weinberg (Part One)

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The HOVG Podcast: Roman Weinberg (Part One)


This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Roman Weinberg.

Just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie, the Operations Manager of the “Field of Dreams” Movie Site leads the boys on a tour of the iconic house from the film, explains the “how” and “why” the land situated on Lansing Road in Dyersville, Iowa was selected and, ultimately, how it became one of the baseball world’s top tourist destinations.

Oh, Roman also tells Shawn and Lou how a random tourist from New York (kinda) led to a $3.4 million payday for the farm’s original owner!

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This week’s podcast was brought to you by Teambrown Apparel and The Field of Dreams Movie Site.

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