Costa Rica manager Gustavo Matosas resigns due to—boredom?

Costa Rica manager Gustavo Matosas resigns due to—boredom?


Costa Rica manager Gustavo Matosas resigns due to—boredom?


As fans of the beautiful game, we follow our national team with a passion unsurpassed in most other sports. Yet as we feel the excitement from each match and expect the players on the pitch to give their all for “the shirt” of their country, one person with his national team felt bored in his role- the manager.

Costa Rica manager Gustavo Matosas stepped down from his position of leading Los Ticos on the world stage after less than a year on the job, claiming the frequent down time between matches made him feel unproductive. Matosas spent most of his free time watching film, while his true passion was working with players on a day-to-day basis to improve their skills and the performance of the team. As manager of a national team, he would have his players available to him just over one week every two months.

While Matosas claimed that didn’t regret his time with the Costa Rican team and said he wasn’t frustrated since he gave his best efforts, he also said that he never imagined the job would be so boring and that he’d never manage a national team in the future. All this after only eight games at the helm of Los Ticos.

Matosas is heavily favored to begin his new job as manager of Mexican Liga MX side Atletico San Luis shortly. Let’s hope he draws more excitement from his club job than he did from his stint in Costa Rica.

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