Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott's contract extension is 'imminent'

Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott's contract extension is 'imminent'


Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott's contract extension is 'imminent'


One of the most debated topics of the NFL offseason has been if the Cowboys should extend Dak Prescott or not, but after an epic performance by Prescott in Sunday’s 35-17 win over the New York Giants, it sounds like the Cowboys are ready to commit to a long-term deal with their franchise quarterback.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters after the game that a deal for Prescott is “imminent.”

Prescott looked outstanding throwing the football, and it showed in the stat sheet. He finished the game with over 400 yards passing and four touchdowns while also completing 78 percent of his passes. Granted, it came against a Giants team that, let’s be honest, isn’t very good, but it was still impressive to see the Cowboys offense and Prescott do most of their damage through the air instead of on the ground.

With fellow 2016 draft class member Jared Goff getting paid by the Los Angeles Rams recently, it shouldn’t be long until Prescott also cashes in. Many would still argue that he’s not deserving of a long-term deal based on his inconsistencies in the past, but he appears to be the right fit for the Cowboys, at least for now anyway. It will be interesting to see what kind of extension Dallas gives Prescott and for how long assuming everything falls into place.

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