Redskins Quotes: Case Keenum

Redskins Quotes: Case Keenum


Redskins Quotes: Case Keenum



On evaluating his play and the play of the wide receivers after watching the film:

“I was encouraged. We had a lot of guys playing hard. [WR] Paul [Richardson Jr.] played hard. I thought [WR] Trey [Quinn] was in a lot of good spots. Obviously, [WR] Terry [McLaurin] did some really good things on the outside. Some of the young guys too, [WR Kelvin] Harmon getting in there, [WR Steven Sims Jr.] ‘Simsy’ getting in there doing some good stuff. [TE] Vernon [Davis] was consistent as well. I was really happy with those guys. Upfront, they were incredible. I thought they blocked their tails off all day. [They] did a great job and I think it’s something we can build on.

On what he saw from RB Derrius Guice:

“I thought he did a great job. You guys need to go look and I saw some stuff on his protection pickups. He was spot on in a lot of that stuff. Being out, and knowing where he needed to be out in some of the route down the field, I was able to check it down to him. Then instead of being second-and-10, we’re second-and-two. Instead of being third-and-seven, we’re first down. He’s getting touch too that way, so I thought he did a great job of that. Did a good job on some runs where not a lots there and able to get back to the line of scrimmage and make one or two yards. Those are positive plays for us. I thought he did well. I’m looking forward to seeing him progress as well.

On what having TE Jordan Reed back can do for the offense:

“He was there all training camp. Some of the offseason stuff we were able to get together, but he’s a special player. I haven’t played with many players like him. I’ve never played with a player that can do what he does. I’m excited to get him back out there.”

Jordan Reed

On the process of developing timing with the wide receivers: 

“It’s time, experience. I think seeing those guys on film, seeing Paul running by guys, seeing Terry running by guys and they’re exploiting coverage. Even some plays where they’re trying to clear the top off the coverage, they’re clearing the top more. So, being able to throw it on my end is a big part of that.”

On what he learned from an operations standpoint after watching the tape: 

“Operationally wise, I thought handling ourselves in the noise – in an environment like that, one of the tougher places to play in the NFL. I thought we did a good job. I think there was one delay of game that was on me. A couple other little things but we’re going to continue to clean that up. I thought that was really good. We moved the ball well for the most part. There was just some crucial times where we needed to step up, our defense needed us to step up and we didn’t. Just like I said after the end of the game, we didn’t play complementary football there in the third quarter when we needed to, but we’re looking ahead. We’ve moved on and we’re excited about another great test this week.”

On having a different approach on Sunday after blowing a lead in Week 1:

“I think for us, it’s maintaining focus. It’s keeping the same attack mindset, the same focus mindset, the same operation, everything. Every play we go out there it doesn’t matter what the score is, when it is and then almost even heighten that on those crucial third downs, crucial red zones snaps, crucial times in the game – two-minute, starting the third quarter, so those are all big for us.”

On the excitement of the home opener: 

“I’m really excited. I’m really excited to here in front of our home fans especially playing the Cowboys. I think traditionally, historically, this has got the makings or has got a strong argument to be one of the best rivalries in all of sports. I’m excited to be a part of that. It’s pretty cool. I’m excited to go out there and sling it around a little bit.”

On if some of the mistakes he made in the second half felt different because of how few plays the offense had:

“I mean that’s the NFL. I go every game and I come back and there’s a handful that I want back. And the times where we’ve not come out winning, those handfuls it’s hard to say, but I think those can change the course of the game, so that’s what eats me up. You just keep plugging. You keep going and treat every play like it’s your last play because you never know which play might matter in the course of a game, in the course of a season. It’s a long season, but still you have to take every play with everything you got.”

On what Reed can do that makes him special:
“You guys can see it on film. You see how he gets open and creates space. The stuff that he’s able to do on the elite cover guys in the league. That’s a huge trust factor that I know he can get open and I’m excited to continue that on-field relationship and get him the ball.”

On if there is something the offense and Head Coach Jay Gruden and Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell do that helps players get open:
“They’re great game planners. I haven’t been around many that do it as well as they do and it’s been fun to work with. I’m still learning how to do that throughout the week and trying to wrap this press conference up so I can go get ready for practice. Every moment I feel like during the week is precious so I put everything I can into every day. They do a great job. It’s been really fun to be around and I’m excited for this week for this game plan.”

On what makes play-action so effective: 

“People have been running it for as long as, I think, the forward pass. Like, ‘Hey, let’s fake like we’re going to run it and then throw it.’ It’s been around a long time and it’s personnel. When you have great running backs, they’ve got to respect that and when you have great pass catchers, they gotta respect that. Being able to do both is dangerous.”

Guice and Keenum

On if he enjoys play-action:

“Yeah, I definitely do. I like that, I think it fits my game. Depending on the game plan, game week, whatever we’re doing, there’s ways to fit that stuff in.”

On if the offense will skip a beat with RB Adrian Peterson playing instead of Guice:

“I don’t know as far as what the injuries go. I don’t think we skip a beat with whoever is in there. Like I said, last week with Jordan Reed, we’re not going to line up with 10 guys. We’re going to put 11 guys out there and play. I have faith in every guy in that locker room that lines up and gets in the huddle with me.”

On what stands out about the Cowboys defense:

“First Cowboys question of the day. I’m excited to play these guys. I grew up in Texas, obviously Cowboy country. A lot of my friends and family back home, they got a big box of Redskins gear this year, but they have to hide it from all their friends. They’re a great football team. Their front is obviously very dangerous. They’ve got Pro Bowl linebackers across the board there and their cover guys have been there, got some experience and some talent on the outside as well so we got our work cut out for us. They’re very sound in their schemes and they can play zone, they can play man when they want to. So, they’re going to line up and play what they want to play and we gotta take care of business.”

On what playing the Cowboys means to him:

“It’s fun. I actually played a couple high school playoff games in the old Texas Stadium and then got to play in the new Cowboys stadium. Wherever you grow up, you’re kind of a fan of that team. I’ve got some fond memories doing like punt-pass-kick [competitions] there and going to games as a kid so I’m excited to line up against them. That’s going to be really special.”

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