Take Them To Detroit. Now Take Them To Be Tortured

Take Them To Detroit. Now Take Them To Be Tortured


Take Them To Detroit. Now Take Them To Be Tortured


God that was an awful loss.  What’s more frustrating is that the Chargers basically did the same thing they got away with the same shit they did against the Colts.  Ok, I know that there were more defensive breakdowns against the Colts.  But that is a much better offense and better team.  There were way more points left on the field against the Lions.  I have no idea if they will be a good team this year and I don’t really give a shit.  On Sunday, they looked like a team that would be lucky to win 7 games. 

Right now, I’m more concerned that we look like a team that would win games.  There was a lot to be happy in the first half, they scored a touchdown early and Mike Williams was on the field.  True, he dropped what would have been a touchdown pass, but that was no easy catch.  Plus, they scored anyway and Williams more than made up for it with the others he made the rest of the game.

The Chargers must have felt lucky that they were up 10-6 at the half.  They should have but if we knew they wouldn’t score another point we’d have all turned off our televisions.  Yes, the calls that negated the touchdowns were iffy, but Ekler had a chance to make it moot on the 1.  I’ve bitched about his big fumbles in the past, but this was the worst.  He held onto the ball after that but it ended up being a killer.  Adrian Phillips wasn’t exactly making us forget Derwin James but the second he broke his arm you knew what was coming next.  Hayward, who had a great pick in this game, got burnt with no safety help.  We should feel fortunate that Rayshawn Fucking Jenkins also had an interception.  We knew that Ty Long couldn’t make every field goal, but what a comedown.  It was like instant Caleb Sturgis.  There is no question in my mind that Rivers was thinking at least a little bit about the two blown kicks when he threw that final interception.  It wasn’t a great decision but I had no faith we could get to OT on that last drive.

We’ll still have Long kicking tomorrow, which is crazy.  Badgley pulled a groin in the last practice before the first game and STILL isn’t healthy?  Tomorrow is a must win, plain and simple.  I don’t care if we play at Miami the following week.  They need to bounce back.  The game against the Texans is the ultimate “Nut up or shut up” game.  If they make the same mistakes (or different mistakes) they will lose.  You could argue that they could be 0-2 right now.  The fact that Telesco isn’t trying to upgrade this roster now that half of it is injured is really frustrating.  We can argue about why we don’t try for Jalen Ramsey.  We should feel fortunate that a player of his stature even wants to play for us.  I know it’s because of James, but the gap between us and KC keeps growing.  We didn’t drop too many of those old “stubbed toe” games last year.  I guess the Denver game and we had a chance against Baltimore.  But this thing could get out of hand quickly.  They need to stop the bleeding tomorrow.

That’s really all I have to say.  Right now that’s all there is to say.  I don’t want to be going into the Dolphin game 1-2.  We haven’t lost two in a row under Lynn since the start of his tenure.  Let’s not do it again.



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