I Don't Know Whose Back's That Strong. Maybe Find Out Before Too Long

I Don't Know Whose Back's That Strong. Maybe Find Out Before Too Long


I Don't Know Whose Back's That Strong. Maybe Find Out Before Too Long


Yep, I’m still going to the game Sunday.  The game against the Texans was another shit show.  Ty Long hit his field goal, but it didn’t matter this time.  Apparently Badgley is STILL hurt from a groin pull suffered in the last practice before the opener.  That’s insane, but not for the Chargers I guess.  The defense seemed to get a boost from Perryman, though like everything else, it wore down in the first half.  Just like the game at Detroit, the team ended the first half with a score.  After Keenan scored his second TD and did the LT celebration, even Anthony Lynn said he was worried they’d come out flat in the second half.

The challenge on the PI in the second half seemed pretty pointless.  I didn’t look like Allen was interfered with, although I did see a video shot from the stands that made it seem like there might have been a chance to overturn.  Nonetheless, the call was upheld and Rivers fumbled on the next play.  It was an awful play and was technically within field goal range, making it our third red zone turnover in as many games.   I’d pick on Phil for his decision to try to advance the ball, but he’s getting hit every which way and he used to fumble way more.  It was a momentum turner, that’s for sure.  Houston drove down for a touchdown and never trailed again.

The missed extra point on the Texans’ final drive SHOULD have been huge.  Had we tied the game, it would have been enormous.  But we should never have been in that position.  They let Watson get away time and time again.  The second roughing the passer call was a little shaky in my estimation.  I rarely complain about calls, but it felt like the second game KC where Mahomes was begging for and getting every call.  The hold on Feeney killed the Jackson touchdown that became a field goal.  Sadly, it was Feeney’s block that sprung Jackson and you could see Feeney get spun around on the sack that forced the kick.  He is really that bad.  Our offensive line play is abysmal.  I can’t tell if it’s just that we think we can coach talent at that position rather than draft it.  But he isn’t good and Trent Scott is awful.  I don’t expect Okung back and am as perplexed as everyone about Forrest Lamp.  He was graded higher than Feeney, who was considered a steal in the third round.  I know we are all extra fascinated by Lamp since the coaches refuse to play him.  He wasn’t overly impressive in the preseason but he can’t be worse than what’s out there.  Schofield, Barksdale, Clary, they are all starting to blend together.  Rivers has always excelled in a “congested pocket,” but that just sounds like another word for shitty blocking.

I know they said Lanier, who plays DL, was working out with the offensive linemen.  Boltheads are understandably freaking out because it seems like Lynn and his staff don’t know what the fuck they are doing.  I get not wanting to rush Adderly, but Jenkins has been getting roasted despite his two interceptions.  Yes, I know the second one was negated by penalty.  Neither of his picks have been more than him playing centerfield on long passes it seems.  I don’t know what to make of Lynn saying he’s playing at an “elite” level.  Does he believe it or is he just saying stuff to sound positive.

I heard him on Sirius yesterday after Gordon’s return.  He said that Gordon is our best RB and will definitely be the starter when’s he’s ready.  Yes, he believes in Ekler and Jackson (who is now in a WALKING BOOT), but he admitted that part of his job is to coach up the guys that are there.  I still feel like Gordon should be extended.  You could tell at the end of these games how much they missed his ability to rip off big runs and score.  Is he worth more than 10 million dollars, which he was reportedly offered?  I don’t know, but I’m not so sure than Ekler, Jackson or any of these guys would hold up for a whole season.  Of course, neither did Gordon, who was wearing braces on both knees by the time of the loss at New England.  Gordon will have his chance to prove his worth soon.  If he led us to a Super Bowl championship, I really wouldn’t care where he went next year.

Obviously, the defense is especially hurt by these injuries.  But why is that the guys that we acquire for depth seem so sorely overmatched year in and year out?  I don’t expect us to be the Patriots, but with our injury problems you know these guys will end up seeing significant time.  The past two weeks were definitely winnable games.  Even with all the guys hurt and holding out, the goal was to try to find a way to win the division and get home-field.  I can’t imagine how that happens.  KC ain’t coming back to earth.  It used to seem like they needed Hunt and/or Hill, now not at all.  Yes, this seems like the softer part of our schedule.  Yes, the Chargers went on a road trip and to Europe and found their swagger.  Yes, it led to them finally beating good teams on the road as they hadn’t in ages.  But with this lineup (Williams’ knee, etc) it’s hard to see it happening again.

Travis Benjamin’s dropped touchdown was beyond awful and when I tweeted out that bad things happen when we throw to him I did not expect that.  Rivers could not have placed the ball any better.  He had that 4th down catch in Arrowhead, but continues to hurt the team every time he’s targeted.  Realistically, he should have been cut after that safety in New England in 2017.  Giving him a new deal for the coming season with Tyrell Williams’ departure seems especially stupid.

I am not going to ever say a game is a lock.  I’ve seen way too much with this team to ever say that.  But this is a game that the Chargers HAVE to win.  A loss will end their season.  There is no way they recover from it.  It would certainly prove that they are going nowhere this season.  Since I’ll be there (Section 106 to be exact) I’m taking the attitude that if this is the final nail in their coffin, so be it.  I didn’t go to the Giants game in 2017 when they were 0-4.  If they had lost, which they almost did, the year would have been over.  This time I’ll brave it.  Talk next week and Happy Rosh Hashanah to all




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