Brett Favre offers sage advice to Josh Allen

Brett Favre offers sage advice to Josh Allen


Brett Favre offers sage advice to Josh Allen


Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre had one of the strongest arms to ever play in the NFL, but he was also one of the most injured signal-callers, often working to manage his pain just so he could remain upright and suit upunder center.

So when Favre speaks about how to play the quarterback position, while also limiting injury risk, it would be wise for young signal-callers to listen.

Bills second-year quarterback Josh Allen has been under some scrutiny from analysts, as he’s the team’s franchise signal-caller, but often looks to run just to gain a few extra yards, which isn’t wise. Favre offered up some advice for him, in speaking to Tim Graham of The Athletic.

“From a coach’s standpoint, they’re going to have to demand that he not play as reckless as he has,” he said.

Favre continued:

“What I would tell him, from a physical standpoint is, ‘Hey, Josh. I get it. I see you diving and running over people. I was that guy, too. But listen, man. Take it from a guy who’s played a long time and learned maybe later than I should’ve, there’s a time and place when you try for extra yards. That wasn’t it. You’ve got to be smarter.”

Allen should take Favre’s advice here, as he knows from experience.


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