Le'Veon Bell takes a major shot at Vontaze Burfict

Le'Veon Bell takes a major shot at Vontaze Burfict

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Le'Veon Bell takes a major shot at Vontaze Burfict


Jets running back Le’Veon Bell has had plenty of run-ins with Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict, dating back to their time with the Steelers and Bengals.

So when Bell got wind of Burfict being suspended for the remainder of the system, he couldn’t help but weigh in.

Bell, after all, has been the recipient of a number of cheap shots from Burfict — as has Antonio Brown. As such, he teed off on Burfict’s style of play in the newest edition of his “17 Weeks” podcast on Uninterrupted.

“There’s certain fine lines you really can’t cross and I feel like he kind of finds it every game,” Bell said, as transcribed by Pro Football Talk. “It’s like unbelievable. The league did what it did. I’m glad they’re finally trying to bite down on things like that because we don’t want dirty players in the league. Obviously, you don’t want guys to not be able to provide for their family. It’s not like I don’t want him on the field, but I just want him to play clean. If he’s not playing clean then other guys can’t really provide for their families because they’re hurt.”

He continued:

“I’ve played Vontaze Burfict numerous times and there’s been a lot of plays that people don’t see where it’s been dirty,” Bell said. “He had a bunch of dirty things on me, but in 2015, the one that kind of hurt me on the sideline, he didn’t have to do that.”

Many other NFL players would likely agree with Bell’s take.

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