Love Is Real, Not Fade Away

Love Is Real, Not Fade Away


Love Is Real, Not Fade Away


I will wait until Friday to write about how bad the Chargers are, but wanted to take the time to thank people for the OVERWHELMING response to my posts about my mother.  I always knew that people who follow this maddening football team had a connection, but it was so nice to get so many nice responses.  They really do matter.  It’s amazing to get so many well wishes and prayers from people you have never met.  It really does help.  This was what I wrote on my mother’s profile on Facebook.

“As many of you know by now thanks to the sweet posts from my sister Liza Warner Peterson our mother passed away suddenly on October 4. Coming two years after the death of my dad Don Warner it has been beyond tough to face this loss. However, people that truly care about you don’t need to be with you physically or even talk to you every day. Love is real and it doesn’t fade away. I know those aren’t my words, but they are true. I learned more about life in the last two years without my dad than ever from my mom. There are days you don’t want to face things but strength comes from those you truly care about and those that care about you. I love you Mom and I promise to make you proud and carry you along for the magic moments you may not get to be present for. However, you left us so much more than you took. We’ll try to take things the best we can from here.”

I am probably not going to be able thank every person who has reached out but I am obsessive enough to try.  But I just wanted to thank everyone who I don’t get a chance to.  Sadly, I will always be Charger fan even if they move to the Moon and never win a game.  Come to think of it, they might get more fans up there.  But this stupid obsession with this constantly frustrating football team has brought me some great connections and many I didn’t know about.  Thank you so much.  It’s meant more than you can imagine.


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