The NHL's factory of sadness

The NHL's factory of sadness

Barry Melrose Rocks

The NHL's factory of sadness


This is how the NHL  tried to advertise last night’s action. Admittedly, this was viewed in the United States, but I would still thank that a focus on the Wild and Islanders respective opponents, the young and exciting Montreal Canadiens, or the perhaps younger and excitinger Winnipeg Jets could have appealed to some general hockey fans in the United States?

The Islanders, I should note, did indeed climb above .500 for the first time. I understand if you thought that this meant the first time they were above .500  ever, but actually, this just meant for the first time this season .They made the playoffs last year and even won a series, but it’s nice to see that our measure of success for the Isles is still a very low bar.

The Wild? Well they lost. The Wild are a shitshow. Continued coverage of the Wild should only involve two headlines: [Insert player here] was traded, or Bruce Boudreau was fired. encouraging people to watch their games would not be a good way to attract new fans to the game.

Anyways, tonight, watch as the Dallas Stars try to make Minnesota actually happy to have the Wild, or the Red Wings try to get back to .500!

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