New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces New American Subsidiary

New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces New American Subsidiary

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New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces New American Subsidiary


New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced a new subsidiary in the United States. The announcement of New Japan Pro Wrestling of America came on October 21 at a press conference and details surrounding the move were made public.

NJPW CEO Takami Ohbari laid out the plan for the press, which included all phases of the company’s American expansion thus far. That expansion began with creating the Los Angeles Dojo, running shows in America and the forming of this new branch in the states.

Photo: New Japan Pro Wrestling

Ohbari said that the LA Dojo will now become an office and serve as the base of operations for the new American subsidiary, which plans to tour in 18 states from coast to coast. This new schedule will operate between Japanese tours, allowing talent to possibly work back-to-back events in both countries.

The touring schedule is expected to run one part of the country at a time, instead of jumping from one area to another. The tour would likely begin on the west coast, then move to the midwest and Texas, then to the east and southeast.

Photo: New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan has experienced an explosion in popularity over the past few years and much of that is due to their streaming service, which allows fans in the United States to enjoy the product. NJPW has visited America before of course and the company’s most recent tour in the U.S. was in September of 2019, with events in New York.

NJPW’s partnership with Ring of Honor Wrestling saw the two companies make history with the G1 Supercard event on April 6, 2019. That event was held at Madison Square Garden during WrestleMania 35 weekend. There is no word yet on whether or not New Japan will attempt to run the Garden again when the new American subsidiary begins touring in November.

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