Social Media EXPLODES Following Shocking Heel Turn On NXT


Social Media EXPLODES Following Shocking Heel Turn On NXT

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Social Media EXPLODES Following Shocking Heel Turn On NXT


Finn Bálor has turned heel. The former WWE Universal champion-turned NXT Superstar came to the aid of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano on October 23, only to shock the world with a brutal betrayal.

Bálor and his supposed allies were facing off against The Undisputed Era, when Finn suddenly attacked Gargano. Adam Cole’s group laid waste to Ciampa as Finn targeted Gargano outside the ring and on the entrance ramp.


The typically boisterous Full Sail crowd were stunned by Bálor’s actions and it wasn’t long before they turned on him. This marks the first time that Finn has run heel in Vince McMahon’s company, including NXT, as well as the main roster.

Social media immediately exploded with reaction from all over the world, as fans everywhere reacted with both shock and approval. Finn had only just made his NXT return to a hero’s welcome, but now he is truly a villain and many fans certainly seem happy that it finally happened.

Finn’s turn likely sent longtime New Japan fans into flashback mode. Bálor was the founder of that company’s most infamous faction of all time, The Bullet Club and he did so as a rule-breaker.

As Prince Devitt, Finn wreaked havoc throughout New Japan, laying waste to some of the company’s top stars. Bálor’s run in the Land of the Rising Sun is still being talked about to this day, though this new heel turn could possibly eclipse that at some point.

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