WWE Teasing The Return Of Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement

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WWE Teasing The Return Of Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement

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WWE Teasing The Return Of Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement


Is Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement making a comeback? WWE is teasing the idea and that was evident on the October 25 edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Bryan was expected to cut a promo in the middle of the ring, to address his current state of mind.

But the former WWE champion was interrupted by Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn implored Daniel to not move backward, but to move forward. Sami believed the only way for Bryan to do that was to form an alliance with him and The King of Strong Style.

The fans were loud and they were waiting for Bryan to make a decision. But instead, Daniel simply left the ring. He never said a word and there’s no way to know wha’s going through his head right now.

WWE fans will remember Bryan’s meteoric rise that began in 2013. Daniel caught fire the way that very few Superstars ever have before and it was thanks in large part to the support of the audience. Daniel’s trademark “no” routine turned to “yes” and the movement was born.

Daniel’s run to the WWE Championship remains one of the most popular runs of any Superstar in recent memory. His heart and passion for the business was on display the entire time and fans connected with him on a very deep level. They wanted Bryan to succeed and they cheered him on despite how many times it seemed that company was holding him back.

That connection continued despite Daniel’s early retirement, as fans truly empathized with him. It was believed that Bryan would never be able to return, but that’s exactly what he did. Daniel Bryan has been a heel for nearly one year, but if this new face turn gets over the way it did before, then the rebirth of the Yes Movement could reignite Daniel’s main event career like it never has before.

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