AEW's Jake Hager Criticizes No Contest Decision At 'Bellator 231'

AEW's Jake Hager Criticizes No Contest Decision At 'Bellator 231'

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AEW's Jake Hager Criticizes No Contest Decision At 'Bellator 231'


AEW star Jake Hager has taken to social media with criticism of the no contest decision at Bellator 231. The event took place on Friday, October 25 and featured Hager versus Anthony Garett inside the cage.

But the fight ended early after Hager kneed Garrett below the belt twice. The referee called the fight and Hager was visibly upset immediately at the decision.

Hager has openly complained about the fight on Twitter, mocking Garrett and making light of the situation.

“Say what you will about last night, but I call BS. Guy would actually need a pair of b***s for me to hurt ’em. He was scared and didn’t want to fight. Honestly this is all just nuts.”

Though video of the fight clearly shows Hager making contact with Garrett’s groin, Jake claims that his opponent simply just wanted out of the fight. Hager also Tweeted a video of another fight in which Garrett took a knee to the thigh and went down, holding himself as if he had taken a direct shot to the groin. Jake has called for a rematch, but Bellator has yet to publicly respond.

Photo: @AEWrestling Twitter

Hager’s pro wrestling career recently gained renewed exposure thanks to his signing with All Elite Wrestling. The former WWE World champion joined Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle faction and the group has now risen to the top of the company. They’ve had heat with Cody Rhodes and several of Cody’s allies, including his brother Dustin, MJF and WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page.

The Inner Circle consists of Hager, Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz. Chris was not present at Bellator 231, but the other three members were on hand to support Hager in the fight. Jake was 2-0 heading into the bout and he’s expected to continue his MMA career, while also working in AEW.


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