Former WWE Developmental Brand To Stream Live Show On YouTube

Former WWE Developmental Brand To Stream Live Show On YouTube

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Former WWE Developmental Brand To Stream Live Show On YouTube


Just when you think there couldn’t be more variety of pro wrestling shows airing within one week, there is now more to come. WWE Monday Night Raw, NXT, Friday Night SmackDown, AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark, NWA Powerrr and Impact Wrestling will now be joined by Ohio Valley Wrestling.

It was announced earlier today on Twitter that the former WWE developmental promotion will be returning with a weekly show every Tuesday night at 8pm EST live on YouTube. The first episode is announced to air on October 29.

OVW was originally founded in 1996 with legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette as the head booker for the promotion. It became recognized as WWE’s developmental brand to promote young up and coming future WWE superstars.

The promotion has been known to have groomed some of the biggest names in WWE history such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista and current WWE champion Brock Lesnar.

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The organization would change ownerships on multiple occasions as Jim Cornette would be replaced by Paul Heyman until Heyman would be called upon to book the newly reformed ECW brand back in 2006. Greg Gagne would ultimately book the territory after Heyman left.

The organization would continue to be WWE’s developmental program until February 7th 2008 when WWE ended it’s partnership with the organization and began partnering with Florida Championship Wrestling, moving all wrestlers contracted at OVW over to the new brand.

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In November of 2011, Ohio Valley Wrestling began serving as the developmental brand for Total Nonstop Action to train future talents. The relationship between the two companies continued until November 2nd 2013, when both organizations would part ways.

But that relationship was renewed shortly after Al Snow purchased the company in 2018. OVW once again became the developmental territory for Impact in March of 2019. With all of the pro wrestling content on each week, Ohio Valley Wrestling can now be added to the list of shows for wrestling fans to watch.

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