WWE RAW Results (10/28): Rollins vs. Rowan in Falls Count Anywhere, Rusev confronts Lana, More

WWE RAW Results (10/28): Rollins vs. Rowan in Falls Count Anywhere, Rusev confronts Lana, More

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WWE RAW Results (10/28): Rollins vs. Rowan in Falls Count Anywhere, Rusev confronts Lana, More


The October 28 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw emanated from the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri. It would be the final edition of the show before the big event in Saudi Arabia on Halloween, Crown Jewel.

The show started with Paige coming out in front of the live crowd and introducing the team she said she had a “small part” in leading to success, the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions, the Kabuki Warriors.

Kairi Sane, who is scheduled to face Becky Lynch, begins to speak. But suddenly, Paige is hit with the green mist by Asuka!

Becky Lynch defeats Kairi Sane in a great match. 

Buddy Murphy defeats R-Truth. 

The Street Profits come out to address the crowd. This segment seemed to really be trying to get the crowd to chant the “We want the smoke” catchphrase, which they eventually did.

Ricochet w/ Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart defeats Drew McIntyre w/ Ric Flair by DQ when Randy Orton interferes and hits Ricochet with the RKO. 

Backstage, The O.C. finds Humberto Carrillo and tells him how impressed they were with his match against Seth Rollins last week. Styles challenges Carrillo to a match tonight.

The Viking Raiders defeat the “Chicago Cubs”

Two guys announced as Rizzo and Bryan from the Cubs are fed to the Raw Tag Team champions.

Andrade defeats Sin Cara

Sin Cara was accompanied to the ring by a masked female named Carolina for this match.

Charlotte and Natalya defeat The IIconics

Seth Rollins defeats Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Rollins used a forklift to pin Rowan in a spot similar to one used in a match between The Rock and Mankind about two decades ago.

Lana will appear on The King’s Court with Rusev later in the show. Backstage, Bobby Lashley tells Lana that if she wants him to go out there with her, he will. She says she needs to go out herself.

In a vignette, Aleister Black is looking for the next Superstar to step up and pick a fight with him.

A.J. Styles defeats Humberto Carrillo

After the match, Styles offered Carrillo a handshake but when he goes to accept, Styles slaps him across the face. Styles responds by beating down the hobbled Carrillo and hitting him with the Styles Clash. Gallows and Anderson join in before The Street Profits come out for the save.

Rusev and Lana come out for The King’s Court with Jerry Lawler and yes, this is the last segment of the night. Lana basically says that Rusev pushed her away because he wanted to get her pregnant and then says that Rusev cheated on her. She knows this because Lashley “told her”.

Lashley comes out and the fight is on. Rusev gets the best of it until Lana comes in with a kendo stick. The distraction is enough for Lashley to get in a low blow and then leave Rusev laying. The show then ends with Lashley and Lana standing over the fallen Rusev, kissing.


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