WWE Superstar Celebrates 15 Years In The Company


WWE Superstar Celebrates 15 Years In The Company

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WWE Superstar Celebrates 15 Years In The Company


The Miz is celebrating 15 years as a WWE Superstar. The former World champion took to social media on October 28 to reflect on the occasion and actually took the time to thank his critics.

Those critics have been notoriously hard on Miz for years, as he is typically one of the most embattled stars on the roster. His ring style has never been flashy and his character has never been over-the-top, both of which usually indicates that diehard fans should appreciate his work.


But the exact opposite has been true, as many continue to believe that Miz is just not cut out to be a main event star in Vince McMahon’s company. However that has not prevented Miz from doing good work and it also hasn’t prevented WWE from rewarding him for it.

The Miz is a former WWE champion, an eight-time Intercontinental champion, a seven-time tag team champion and two-time United States champion. He’s a former Mister Money in the Bank, he’s worked the main event of pay-per-views and he has a TV show, Miz & Mrs, which airs on USA.

The fact that he’s been in WWE for 15 years is indeed a powerful statement on the company’s part. Miz has watched other big name talents, including Hall of Famers, come and go while he continues to deliver every time his number is called.

The Miz recently turned babyface, which many believed was a bad move., as he’s always been a very effective heel. But The Miz’s character seems to have weathered the storm and now he typically gets a very positive reaction. Miz was recently drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, which now airs on the FOX Network. His interview segment, MIZ TV, is still going strong but it’s perhaps only a matter of time until he’s back in title contention once again.

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