We're Gonna Need This One

We're Gonna Need This One


We're Gonna Need This One


I’ll admit it. I turned off the TV when the Bears lined up for that last field goal. I scrolled through my Twitter instead, just as I did when they came back to beat the Ravens in 2014. Of course, I had no choice the first time as I was at an airport before the advent of the Sunday Ticket app. This time I just couldn’t bear (no pun intended) to watch. It reminded me of the end of the Pittsburgh in 2015. I didn’t think there was any way Chicago would miss, however. I Tweeted out during the game that we will never get this many kicks missed against us and wondered if we’d every do anything with it.

I guess we’ll really find out tomorrow. This is a game this team ABSOLUTELY HAS TO HAVE. Yes, I already counted them out.  I did in 07, 08, 13 and they got into the playoffs to win at least one game. But the Chargers have already lost to a bunch of teams they shouldn’t have.  The only way they can even have a long shot at the post season is to upset Green Bay. Look, they’ve lost one game all year.  It’s not a divisional matchup for them and they looked vulnerable against KC. We’ve seen so many teams play more desperate against the Bolts. Look at Denver. They’re going nowhere and came into Carson and beat us for the second year in a row. I don’t care how many Packers fans are there. The Chargers need to win.

So yeah, I’ll be watching. Both of my parents took me to the sports bar near their house in Brookfield, CT to watch the Bolts. My mom and I watched the Lions loss together and it was the last time I saw her. I’m grateful for moments like that though. My dad and I went to watch the Chargers play Green Bay in 1996 when we were approached by a guy and his wife that were looking to see the game as well.  He explained that it was his wife that was a big Packer fan. It turned out to be Stanley Tucci, whose father was actually the drama teacher at my high school.  At that point, I only knew him as the asshole district attorney in the remake of “Kiss of Death.”  He was happy to be recognized and kindy signed my video rental card from my wallet.

Anyway, we’ll talk this week if the Chargers still have a season.



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