GM Meetings starting this week

GM Meetings starting this week


GM Meetings starting this week


There are two big conferences among team leadership in the offseason. The Winter Meetings are held in December and get quite a lot of attention, because of their historically active transaction wire. The General Manager Meetings occur this week, and are typically a bit quieter.

This early in the offseason, maneuvering for coaching or front office staffers is the primary concern for many teams, though with so many officials in one place, some trades and free agent signings will happen, or at the very least, the ground work will be laid for the Winter Meetings a month later.

The Twins are undoubtedly curious to see how the coaching carousel goes. They’ve lost James Rowson already, who was the  hitting coach for two years, to become the bench coach in Miami. Catching and pitching coordinators Tanner Swanson and Peter Fatse have moved to the Yankees and Red Sox, while the Mets seem close to hiring Jeremy Hefner, Twins assistant pitching coach Jeremy Hefner as their new Pitching coach. This means, the Twins will need to make some hires to fill out their staff as well.

The Twins aren’t likely to make a big move with their roster this early in the offseason, simply because things have gotten off to a slow start in recent years, and the moves they need to make will be rather significant, not to be taken lightly. Don’t be surprised to start hearing some rumors start kicking around though.

With the rumors that emerge this week, however, we will get some idea as to where the Twins are poking around. Are they in the mix for big free agents? Are they pursuing trade candidates? Is there a surprise interest in a position player we aren’t thinking of now? We might start to sniff at some answers this week.

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