WWE Superstar Goes Public With Alcoholism And Recovery

WWE Superstar Goes Public With Alcoholism And Recovery

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WWE Superstar Goes Public With Alcoholism And Recovery


It is no surprise that along with the tough schedule of WWE Superstars that they also deal with a great bit of temptation.  Alcohol is just one of those factors that fans have known of thanks to the countless stories that have been told over the years.

One may think of Stone Cold Steve Austin, or perhaps the “Drunkicho” stories via the Chris Jericho books when it comes to booze.  However under the surface of common factors and incidences, many know about alcoholism too well.

Alcoholism is one of the most severe forms of alcohol abuse.  Too often those who suffer from it let it get out of hand, leading to failed relationships, job loss, etc.  Additionally the health of someone with alcoholism will decline over time.

When reports surfaced of WWE Superstar Alicia Fox’s incidents, alcohol was suspected to be the lead factor into her behavior.  Those incidents cost Fox some opportunity, and further added to her notoriously wild public image.

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Fox also caught heat for being the reason that WWE producer Arn Anderson was fired by the company.  Anderson had allegedly allowed Fox to wrestle even though she was intoxicated.

Earlier this year Fox was quietly moved from Active talent to Alumni, furthering speculation of a bigger problem.

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Fox took to Instagram on Wednesday, November 20, breaking her silence on her struggle with alcoholism.  Not only did she confirm those rumors, but she also announced that she has been sober for some time.  Along with those came a short testimony of what alcoholism can do and that it can be beaten.

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🤔💕… for a WHILE I thought I could avoid addressing my #recovery of alcohol. I am human, and realized it was time to be #transparent and #honest w you #socialmedia now written on #cyberconcrete 👀💕 TODAY, Im a few months #sober, I’ve creatively navigated my emotions, snagged some new skills AND I WANT TO HELP!!! Ive learned that alcoholism is life threatening situation and support is available!! I figured I can share my insight and BE of SERVICE to anyone finding it hard to believe that ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT’ and deserve an opportunity to learn how to live a clean and sober life… it would be an honor to share my #hope, #strength, and #experience 🙌🏾✨ SNAIL MAIL ME at @resilienceamongmankind 3948 3rd Street South suite #442; Jacksonville Beach 32250 🌻💕 I’m inviting everyone to a safe social place to discuss and expand understanding of our transforming minds 🙏✨ #fancyasfox 🦊#foxyladies are in #recovery too!! Ok! Thx for allowing me get that off my chest!! 🐏 💨✨#rambrand #resilienceamongmankind V. III. x.

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Fox also has intentions of wanting to help those who are struggling as well.  She has created a second Instagram account, which is listed in her original Instagram post.

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Fox last wrestled for WWE in April, on an episode of Main Event.  That followed with a segment appearance on Raw Reunion over the summer.  Other than the move to the Alumni talent, there were no announcements of retirement, release, or her contract expiring.

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