Glory 71: Chicago Picks

Glory 71: Chicago Picks


Glory 71: Chicago Picks










Glory Women’s Super Bantamweight Championship: Anissa Meksen (c) (98-4) vs. Tiffany Van Soest (21-5-2)

Luke Irwin: The roving three-woman carousel of Meksen, Van Soest, and Jady Menezes rolls on. Van Soest can hang with any fighter in her division, but the facts are that Meksen has gotten the best of her twice. By decision, yes, but this might be her last shot at the champ. Meksen via UD.









Heavyweight Bout: Benjamin Adegbuyi (33-6) vs. D’Angelo Marshall (30-6-1)

Luke: When they locked up in February of last year, it took just 36 seconds for Adegbuyi to knock Marshall’s block off. But Adegbuyi hasn’t been in the ring for almost a year, although he did have a four-round boxing match in the meantime. His power dwarfs Marshall’s every day and twice on Sunday, but ring rust is real, and I think Marshall, who’s beaten big punchers on activity, can do enough over three rounds to escape with a slim win. Marshall via SD.









Welterweight Bout: Ammari Diedrick (19-8) vs. Lorawnt-t Nelson (8-2)

Luke: Nelson is a late-replacement for Omari Boyd, and while he doesn’t have Boyd’s speed and skill, he does bring more power to the table. That might give Diedrick some pause, and maybe a flash knockdown, but I think Diedrick puts together enough over three rounds. Diedrick via UD.









Welterweight Bout: Malik Watson-Smith (59-25) vs. Mike Lemaire (22-6)

Luke: Smith has loads of powe, but has shown absolutely nothing in Glory, so far. Lemaire via UD.

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