Your Weekend in Combat Sports

Your Weekend in Combat Sports


Your Weekend in Combat Sports



As always, programming is listed in EST
Live fights are in BOLD.
Premiere programming is in ITALICS.
MMA programming is in ORANGE.
Boxing programming is in RED.
Kickboxing/Muay Thai/Karate programming is in BLUE.
Wrestling/Jiu Jitsu/Grappling programming is in PURPLE.
Misc./Combination combat sports programming is in GREEN.


Friday November 22

3:00am: GCFC MMA 9 ($7.99
5:30am: OneFC: Edge of Greatness Prelims (Facebook/Twitter)
6:00am: IKC K9 Championship ($5.99
7:30am: OneFC: Edge of Greatness (OneFC App)
8:00am: 2019 Spyder Invitational BJJ Championship Finals (FloGrappling)
10:30am: Jack Catterall vs. Timo Schwarz/Ganigan Lopez vs. Muhammad Waseem (ESPN+)
1:00pm: South Dakota State vs. Utah Valley (FloWrestling)
2:30pm: Golden Contract Junior Welterweight Tournament (ESPN+)
4:00pm: Cancio vs. Alvarado II Weigh-Ins (DAZN)
4:00pm: Cage Warriors 111 (UFC Fight Pass)
5:00pm: Glory 71 Prelims (YouTube)
5:30pm: Ortiz vs. Wilder II Weigh-Ins (Fox Sports 1)
7:00pm: North Dakota State vs. Indiana (FloWrestling)
8:00pm: Glory 71 Superfight Series (UFC Fight Pass)
8:00pm: Wyoming vs. Nebraska (FloWrestling)
9:00pm: Legacy Fighting Alliance 79 (UFC Fight Pass)
9:00pm: DCS: Thanksgiving Throwdown ($16.99
9:00pm: Havoc Fighting Championship 14 ($16.99
9:30pm: Cage Fury Fighting Championship 80 (UFC Fight Pass)
10:00pm: Buffalo vs. CSU Bakersfield (ESPN3)
10:00pm: Glory 71 (UFC Fight Pass)


Saturday November 23

12:00am: Brave 30 ($14.99
9:00am: 2019 Younes Hospitality Open (FloWrestling)
10:00am: 2019 Doug Parker Invitational (FloWrestling)
11:00am: GrappleFest 7 (FloGrappling)
11:30am: Bellator London 2 Prelims (Bellator App)
1:00pm: NC State vs. Cornell (ESPN+)
1:00pm: Number One Fight Show Season 12 ($10
1:30pm: Contenders 28 ($17.99
2:00pm: Callum Smith vs. John Ryder/Craig Evans vs. James Tennyson (DAZN)
3:00pm: Wisconsin vs. Utah Valley (FloWrestling)
3:30pm: XFN 26 (FloCombat)
5:00pm: Bellator London 2 (Bellator App)
5:00pm: Glory 72 Prelims (YouTube)
6:00pm: Cage Wars 44 ($19.99
7:00pm: Lehigh vs. Princeton (ESPN+)
7:00pm: Wilder vs. Ortiz II Prelims (Fox Sports 2)
7:00pm: Glory 72 Superfight Series (UFC Fight Pass)
7:00pm: V3 Fights 77 (FloCombat)
7:00pm: NC State vs. Binghamton (FloWrestling)
7:00pm: MMAXFC: Fall Brawl ($19.99
7:30pm: Andrew Cancio vs. Rene Alvarado/Can Xu vs. Manny Robles III (DAZN)
7:30pm: Ring of Combat 70 (UFC Fight Pass)
8:00pm: CES Boxing: The Pride of Providence (UFC Fight Pass)
9:00pm: Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz II/Leo Santa Cruz vs. Miguel Flores ($74.99 Pay-Per-View)
9:00pm: Glory 72 (UFC Fight Pass)
9:00pm: Hoosier Fight Club 41 ($17.99
9:00pm: WGP 60 ($9.99
10:00pm: Fight To Win 132 (FloGrappling)


Sunday November 24

10:00am: 2019 Keystone Classic (ESPN+)
10:00am: Indianapolis vs. Purdue (FloWrestling)
11:30am: Clarion vs. Purdue (FloWrestling)
1:00pm: Northern Illinois vs. Purdue (FloWrestling)
2:00pm: Chattanooga vs. North Carolina (ACC Network)
2:00pm: Nebraska vs. Northern Illinois (FloWrestling)
2:00pm: Central Michigan vs. Michigan (FloWrestling)
3:00pm: Minnesota vs. Oklahoma State (ESPN+)
3:00pm: North Dakota State vs. Northwestern (FloWrestling)
3:00pm: Iowa vs. Iowa State (FloWrestling)


Top-10 Viewing Options: With no UFC for two more weeks, boxing rules the roost for the next little while.

  1. Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz II/Leo Santa Cruz vs. Miguel Flores: 75 bucks is rough, but Wilder and Ortiz delivered last time out, to many of our surprises. So between that and building a solid card, they’re earning your money.

  2. Andrew Cancio vs. Rene Alvarado/Can Xu vs. Manny Robles III: DAZN putting out a decent offering to counter Wilder-Ortiz, but Alvarado is a miserable title challenger.

  3. Glory 72: The better of the two Glory offerings from Chicago this weekend.

  4. Glory 71: 72 may have the better card top-to-bottom, but Meksen-van Soest and Adegbuyi-Marshall are the two most interesting Glory fights of the weekend.

  5. Golden Contract Junior Welterweight Tournament: After a successful first edition of the Golden Contract tournament in October with featherweights, 140lbers are on deck, here. I do love me a tournament. My pick? Ohara Davies.

  6. Callum Smith vs. John Ryder/Craig Evans vs. James Tennyson: All eyes are on Smith, with the looming spectre of Canelo awaits.

  7. OneFC: Edge of Greatness: Meager offering from the folks at ONE, but greener fields are a-coming.

  8. 2019 Spyder Invitational BJJ Championship Finals: I am a sucker for tournaments, and Spyder has two excellent ones; one for heavyweights and one for middleweights.

  9. Fight To Win 132: This weekend’s card coming to you from Honolulu, so a later-than-usual start.

  10. Bellator London 2: Unless you’re a real Michael Page stan, not much here for you.


4×5: Every week, UCS’s Luke Irwin will list his Top-5 bouts in each of the four major different combat sports that he’s looking forward to the most, regardless of any conventional criteria, merit, or logic.



5. Heavyweight Bout: Demoreo Dennis (12-8) vs. Junior Tafa (20-5) [Glory 72]

4. Featherweight Bout: Abraham Vidales (15-0) vs. Serhiy Adamchuk (38-10) [Glory 72]

3. Heavyweight Bout: Benjamin Adegbuyi (33-6) vs. D’Angelo Marshall (30-6-1) [Glory 71]

2. Glory Featherweight Championship: Petpanomrung Kiatumuu9 (c) (162-36-2) vs. Kevin VanNostrand (18-3) [Glory 72]

1. Glory Women’s Super Bantamweight Championship: Anissa Meksen (c) (98-4) vs. Tiffany Van Soest (21-5-2) [Glory 71]



5. WBA World Featherweight Championship: Can Xu (c) (17-2) vs. Manny Robles III (18-0) [Golden Boy on DAZN]

4. WBA World Junior Lightweight Championship: Andrew Cancio (c) (21-4-2) vs. Rene Alvarado (31-8) [Golden Boy on DAZN]

3. WBA Super World Super Middleweight Championship: Callum Smith (c) (26-0) vs. John Ryder (28-4) [Matchroom on DAZN]

2. WBA “Regular” World Junior Featherweight Championship: Brandon Figueroa (c) (20-0) vs. Julio Ceja (32-4) [Wilder vs. Ortiz II]

1. WBC World Heavyweight Championship: Deontay Wilder (c) (41-0-1) vs. Luis Ortiz (31-1) [Wilder vs. Ortiz II]



5. Bantamweight Bout: Chen Lei (6-1) vs. Troy Worthen (5-0) [OneFC: Age Of Dragons]

4. Bantamweight Bout: Josh Huber (24-10) vs. Zviad Lazishvili (11-0) [Legacy Fighting Alliance 79]

3. Lightweight Bout: Amir Khan (11-6) vs. Ev Ting (17-6) [OneFC: Age Of Dragons]

2. Middleweight Bout: Gerald Harris (25-8-1) vs. Seth Baczynski (21-14) [C3 Fights 48]

1. Vacant LFA Flyweight Championship: Brandon Royal (9-4) vs. Jared Scoggins (9-1) [Legacy Fighting Alliance 79]



5. Fight To Win Masters Black Belt Featherweight Championship: Baret Yoshida vs. Jordan Gomez [Fight To Win 132]

4. u100kg Black Belt Bout: Adam Wardzinski vs. Craig Jones [GrappleFest 7]

3. Black Belt Bout: Davi Ramos vs. Garry Tonon [Fight To Win 132]

2. -76kg Finals Tournament [2019 Spyder Invitational BJJ Championship Finals]

1. -100kg Finals Tournament [2019 Spyder Invitational BJJ Championship Finals]


Bold, Yet Probably Fruitless Predictions: One more month in this year, a hundred bucks in the red. It’s gonna be a fight to the finish, kids.

Best Fight of the Weekend: Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz
Most Underrated Fight of the Weekend: Davi Ramos vs. Garry Tonon
If My Life Depended on One Pick: Leo Santa Cruz over Miguel Flores
Best Card Top-to-Bottom: Ortiz vs. Wilder II
Upset of the Week: Corina Herrera over Caroline Gallardo
Most Disappointing Fight of the Weekend: Callum Smith vs. John Ryder

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