How to choose road cycling shoes

How to choose road cycling shoes


How to choose road cycling shoes


For regular cycling, you need to invest in cycling shoes to enhance efficiency, especially in the power transfer to the pedals hence better cycling skills and enhanced speed. For the best cycling shoes, you should review various designs and opt for shoes that offer more comfort and efficiency in riding. 

Here are tips on how to choose road cycling shoes;

  1.   Type of cycling

There are bikes designed for riding on the road, other bikes are for climbing mountains, and others for touring, or commuting from one place to another. You should choose the right type of cycling shoes depending on what you will be doing with it. For road cycling, the shoe should be rigid and lightweight, designed for easy slipping on and off so that you can do fast transitioning when need be. When choosing cycling shoes, check for good balance between off-bike comfort and pedaling efficiency. You should also ensure that they are compatible with SPD pedals. For mountain cycling, opt for flat shoes with sticky rubber that makes it possible to ride through rough and muddy mountain terrains.

  1.   Right fit 

For riding shoes don’t go for tight-fitting shoes, you should buy shoes that leave some little space for more comfort especially for road biking. In cycling, the transfer of energy to the pedals is what enhances efficiency. The shoe stiffness will enhance your riding since it will be determined by the transfer of energy to the pedals. Enhance the stiffness by choosing shoes that leave room for the toes, and ensure they prevent heel friction, and provide more support to your feet.

  1.   Compatibility

Different types of cycling shoes are compatible with different types of pedals. For most road cycling shoes, they have three cleats, but there are others with two cleats too. Some shoe designs work with no clip pedal systems making them compatible with all types of bikes, but it is good to check for compatibility with the pedal first before buying a new pair of cycling shoes. The labeling on the shoes should indicate what systems are compatible with the shoe, but you may also turn the shoe upside down to check the holes so that you can determine compatibility.

  1.   Accessories and features

Different types of cycling shoes have different features, so it’s important to review various designs and opt for the type of shoes that have the features that you want. Some of the features to watch out for include laces, dial systems, and straps. For a classier and more expensive look, opt for designer shoes with notched straps and buckles. You should also invest in bike shoe accessories that help to protect your feet during biking, especially during the rainy seasons. Having a bike shoe cover is a good idea to avoid your feet getting wet and for insulation. Remember to remove the shoe covers when walking since they are only designed for riding. You may also opt for toe covers especially during chilly weather to keep your toes warm.

With these few tips, and depending on your budget, you will get high-quality cycling shoes.

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