What A Waste

What A Waste


What A Waste


4-8.  Eight losses of one score or less.  Yes, the Pitt game was sadly a blow out until they got within a touchdown.  Of course, the onsides kick failing meant that they were on their on goal line so Rivers could end the game with another finishing interception.  The season was officially done in Mexico, so last week really meant nothing.  I hate saying that but hate more that it’s true.  Of course, Rivers threw a pick and we were shortly down 14-0.  No, I don’t think that the touchdown to Sutton should have been confirmed without a review.  It sure looked like he trapped it, but bad teams get bad calls.  Right now, this is a bad team.  I’m sorry that Derwin James had to work himself all the way back for this shit show.

As for bad calls, the PI call to end the game was obviously sketchy.  But again, bad teams get bad calls.  No matter how low the second Wild Card spot record slips, the Chargers will still dip underneath it.  The Steelers haven’t beaten anyone good, but they beat us.  I have no idea if the Titans are good but we certainly fucked up that game.  The Texans game is another one.  God, it’s sickening to even write about.  This team isn’t bad enough to get a top pick, but not good enough to accomplish anything in the present.

Honestly, tanking seems like a pretty good idea right about now.  The only game I would be angry if they lost is the second Raider game.  If they’d won the first one, I doubt I would have to say that.  I love Philip Rivers, but there is no way they can sign him to an extension next season.  I assume they will play him in all four games down the stretch, but it’s time.  As for whether they will do anything or not, that’s another story.

This season can’t be over fast enough.



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