Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz: Battle of the Fittest or Not?

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz: Battle of the Fittest or Not?


Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz: Battle of the Fittest or Not?


The rematch between Joshua vs Ruiz has become of the most highly anticipated boxing fights this year after Ruiz shocked the world by KO’ing the previously undefeated Brit. 

And yes, regardless of whether you were aware of Ruiz’ impressive career before his breakthrough victory over AJ, there’s simply no denying that it was a ‘shock’. 

However, there’s never been more intrigue surrounding nutrition and fitness in boxing as a result. 

Why? Because Anthony Joshua looked like he could win a bodybuilding show (being stacked and shredded with his perfect abs) – while Andy Ruiz stepped on stage with a snickers bar and a physique that was far from ‘lean’. 

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at whether this rematch really is the ‘battle of the fittest’ or not. 

Joshua weighed in 10lbs lighter than the last fight. While Ruiz has gained 15lbs since winning his titles. 

Keen boxing fans noticed at the pre-fight weight ins that both Joshua and Ruiz came in at very different weights than in their first fight. 

Clearly, this signifies a change in strategies for both boxers. Is AJ really aiming to outlast his opponent in terms of cardio? Is Ruiz relying on his trademark left hook for a KO again? 

The answer is that no-one really knows. Experts can speculate all they want, but as Mike Tyson once said: “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. 

Even so, the focus has been on AJ’s lower bodyweight.

Does being ‘lighter’ mean you’re ‘fitter’? 

The quick and easy answer to the above question is NO. 

Bodyweight does not signify how ‘fit’ someone is. 

For example, if you’re sat on the couch watching TV without frequently working out, but as states – if you don’t eat over your TDEE (total daily expenditure), then you could still look ‘lean’ while being unfit. 

Compare that to a Prop Forward in a professional rugby team. They might look like they eat cake and pizza everyday, but they still manage to sprint and run around the pitch for 80 minutes. There is simply no doubt that a professional rugby player would be much fitter than the skinny guy with abs that sits on the couch without exercising – even if the rugby player is carrying much more body fat. 

A loss for AJ could mean the end…

Before Anthony Joshua lost to Ruiz, he was considered as a leading candidate for the title of ‘Best Heavyweight Boxer in the world’. But since Ruiz defeated him, the rankings have been turned on its head. 

Now, all eyes have been turned on Wilder vs Fury to determine who is the best of the best. 

In the Joshua vs Ruiz rematch, it is undeniably Joshua who has more on the line. 

If AJ is KO’d again, it could potentially spell the end of his career. He wouldn’t be the next in line to fight the winner of the Wilder vs Fury fight in 2020. If Ruiz loses, he’s still won the hearts of many boxing fans with his true underdog victory and will go down in history after pulling off one of the biggest shocks in the boxing world in 2019. 

Earlier in 2019, Ruiz stated that he was confident of a repeat result in the rematch. It’ll certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top this time.

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