Best Carbohydrate Supplement 2020

Best Carbohydrate Supplement 2020

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Best Carbohydrate Supplement 2020


Care to carb? You should, and here’s why. 

Carbs may be the enemy for ketogenic dieters, but science suggests you shouldn’t cut them out. Contrary to the keto craze, shying away from carbs and piling up on protein and fat is not the magic pill. 

Protein, carbohydrates and fat make up the macronutrient triangle – you can’t just cut a corner and expect your body to function at its best. All three macronutrients are required to form the solid backbone of any good diet.   

Nourishing your body with a high-quality carbohydrate supplement can be the missing link that turbo-charges your exercise performance.   

However, not all carbohydrates are created equal, which is probably where the carb confusion lies. The key is to fuel your body with optimal carbs at the right time. 

Which one should you choose? I’ll let you in on the secret. 

Discover the best carbohydrate supplement of 2020, and why it deserves to fill your shaker bottle. 

…if you’re feeling lazy, then our #1 recommended product is Performance Lab Carb.

What are carbs?

Carbohydrates are nutrients that serve one main purpose – provide energy. That’s to every single cell, tissue, muscle, organ – you name it. 

Carbs are broken down from saccharide chains into simple glucose molecules to fuel every single cell in your body. Glucose is the preferred source of energy for the body. In muscle tissues, carbs are stored as glycogen to power movement. 

Carbs can be classified as simple or complex depending on their structure. Simple carbs are rapidly digested and absorbed, providing fast fuel. Dextrose and maltodextrin are examples of simple carbs. However, slumps are often experienced soon after the energy kick wears off. 

Complex carbs are high in fiber. They digest much slower, allowing for a gradual sustained energy release. 

Why use a carb supplement?

Taking an effective carb supplement can have the following athletic benefits:

  1. Quick energy boost: Exercise depletes glycogen stores, causing muscle fatigue. Drinking your carb supplement during your workout can help refuel your muscles with immediate energy, allowing you to push through that extra set. 
  2. Enhanced endurance: A high quality carb supplement should sustain energy levels throughout the workout to prevent muscle drain from hindering your performance. 
  3. Prevent muscle breakdown: Running on empty triggers the body to begin breaking down protein and fat reserves for energy. Supplementing with carbohydrates will prevent the catabolism of protein from muscles by acting as the main fuel source for the workout. 



The carb criteria: What to look for in a carbohydrate supplement 

Just like any other supplement, carbohydrate supplements need to pass the quality check before they make the shopping cart. 

Here are the key factors you should consider before choosing any carbohydrate supplement:

  1. Carbohydrate form: dextrose and maltodextrin are often used in low-quality carbohydrate supplements for a cheap, quick energy fix. However, both of these carb types are known to cause side effects, such as energy crashes and gastric discomfort. 

For maximum sustained energy potential, opt for Karbolyn®. This is a carbohydrate with a unique structure, composed of monosaccharides joined by glycosidic bonds. 

Karbolyn® was bioengineered to meet the high carb demands of elite athletes without the dreaded energy slump that follows – and it works. 

The structure of this carbohydrate allows for the best of both worlds: rapid initial absorption and sustained energy that will last 2+ hours. The small Karbolyn® molecules are taken up quickly by the muscles to quench the initial glycogen thirst. Over the next few hours, Karbolyn® steadily feeds the muscles for power maintenance and endurance.  

  1. No additives or unnecessary ingredients:  Choose a carb supplement with no hidden nasties. Cheap formulas are generally filled with artificial flavors, colorants, fillers and preservatives. 

You will achieve no added nutritional value from these chemicals. If anything, they impede the absorption of the ingredients that matter. Budget supplements may also add stimulants such as caffeine which may lower performance. 

A high-quality carb supplement should have minimal, natural ingredients and no added junk. This will maximize absorption of the carb whilst being gentle on the digestive system. 

  1. Adequate dose of active ingredients: Low-quality supplements filled with 200 ingredients per scoop will dilute the carb content of the supplement. 

An optimal carb supplement should have an adequate dosage (20g) of carbs per scoop for peak health potential. 

  1. Value for money: A high-quality carb supplement should be affordable, providing adequate servings per container for the price. 

Bargain carb supplements may be tempting, but you often compromise on quality and nutritional value. Better for your pocket, but is it better for your body? 

Best Carbohydrate Supplement of 2020: Performance Lab® Carb

100% Clean formula, check. A+ flavor, check. Great value, check. Maximum carbs per scoop, check. 

Ticking all the boxes, Performance Lab® SPORT Carb is by far the best carbohydrate supplement of 2020. As backed up by Best5Supplements in their article. 

This advanced formula features the sought-after Karbolyn® for fast-acting fuel and muscle performance. Flavored with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Cocoa, the Performance Lab SPORT is a delicious addition to your supplement regimen. 

Performance Lab® Carb Supplement

The Supplement Facts Label (Ingredients): 

Plain and simple, the Performance Lab® SPORT Carb cuts to the chase, providing only what your muscles need to perform. The formula is very easy to mix, and highly absorbable by the body to quick-charge your muscles. 

Performance Lab® do not hide anything on the label, providing only 100% natural ingredients in every bottle. 

The main active ingredients are:

-Karbolyn®: Making up the bulk of the scoop, you can obtain up to 40g of this ultramodern carb for sustained energy release. 

-Organic Coconut Sugar: This 2-in-1 ingredient is added for a reason. It assists the uptake of Karbolyn® into the muscle tissues and naturally enhances the flavor of the supplement. 

-Himalayan Pink Salt: Supplying sodium for electrolyte balance and fuelling carb transport, the natural salt in this formula enhances muscle hydration.

The Directions:

The Performance Lab® Carb is very simple and convenient to take: 

Mix 2 scoops (50 g) with 12 oz. (360 ml.) of water. Take 30 minutes before, during, and immediately after training and competition to support fast muscle energy, extended endurance, and robust growth and recovery. 

The Price:

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb can be purchased via There is a discount for bulk-buying (up to three bottles). The price is as follows:

  • One bottle: $50 for 20 servings
  • Two bottles: $95 for 40 servings (5% discount)
  • Three bottles: $135 for 60 servings (10% discount)

The Ultimate Performance Lab® Stack

Carb + Protein

Upgrade your workout by mixing and matching the Performance Lab® SPORT line. One of the best combinations for ultimate nutrition is to stack Performance Lab® Carb with Protein. Taste-wise, a beautiful pair. Performance-wise, a mind-blowing combo. 

Carb will fuel the muscles for the workout whilst replenishing lost glycogen stores. Protein will assist in post-workout recovery to mend and strengthen depleted muscle tissues. Performance Lab® Protein is curated with a patented organic brown rice protein (Oryzatein®) in a probiotic base to ease digestion. 

Carb can also be stacked with other Performance Lab® supplements to unlock your full athletic potential. Worthy mentions include Performance Lab® Pre, Post and Stim.  

Best Carbohydrate Supplement: The Bottom Line

Carbohydrate supplementation can supercharge your exercise performance. Supplementing with high-quality carbs around your workout can prolong exercise endurance, replenish glycogen stores, and enhance muscle growth. 

Performance Lab® Carb tops the list as best carbohydrate supplement of 2020. Carb is 100% clean, easy-to-absorb, highly bioavailable, and can be stacked with other Performance Lab®

 supplements for peak athletic power. 

*If you’re interesting in buying Performance Lab Carb, visit: 

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