NWA Powerrr Results (12/17): 'Into The Fire' Fallout, TV Title Contenders Announced, More

NWA Powerrr Results (12/17): 'Into The Fire' Fallout, TV Title Contenders Announced, More

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NWA Powerrr Results (12/17): 'Into The Fire' Fallout, TV Title Contenders Announced, More


The December 17th edition of NWA Powerrr follows the aftermath of Saturday night’s Into the Fire PPV.

The show opens with a replay of the shocking debut of The Villain Marty Scurll.

After a brief introduction from the commentators, David Marquez introduces Aron Stevens.

Stevens tells the crowd that he is dangerous. After grueling training he announced that he has earned a 3rd degree Mongrovian black belt in Karate. He says that he’s a supposed Champ of the NWA National Title, but proclaims he is on a different level from previous title holders.

Fans chant “Question Mark” throughout the promo. Stevens wants to be known as Shooter Stevens.  Stevens then renames the National Title to the 3rd Degree National Title after his Mongrovian black belt. He then tells fans he and Question Mark plan to go after Tag Team Championships and Question Mark will go for the TV Title.

Colt Cabana then shows up. He brings up Stevens hiding behind the Christmas tree at Into the Fire, then calls out Questions Mark for his win at the show. Cabana tells Stevens he will never be a real champion.  Stevens responds before he leaves the area.

Thunder Rosa appears as the duo leaves.  Melina follows.

Before the ladies make it to the ring, Ashley Vox attacks Thunder Rosa. She gains the upper hand as Melina joins in on the beatdown. Before any more damage can occur, ODB and Allysin Kay show up to save Vox.

A replay is shown of Ken Anderson attacking Eli Drake at Into the Fire. A No Disqualification match is scheduled for tonight.

Promo appears for NWA returning to Atlanta on January 24th, 25th, and 26th.

A replay of what happened between Thunder Rosa and Vox shows followed with a backstage segment. Marti Belle is backstage on her cell phone.  Melina scolds Belle for not showing up to the ring.

Belle explains that Melina told her not to go to the ring. Melina screamed that she needed her, and Belle gets no word in edgewise as Thunder Rosa backs Melina.

Stu Bennett announces that the NWA TV Championship will be decided in a tournament, and the winner will be crowned at the next PPV, Hard Times. There are a new set of rules for the tournament, which creates a unique element.

Zickey Dice def. Saul Rinaro and CW Anderson to qualify for the TV Title Tournament

Dice cuts promo and introduces himself. Says he will be the next TV Champ.  Dawsons come out to interrupt, saying it was time to expose the truth. They began by saying James Storm was right about a conspiracy. They claimed to have been doing the dirty work for the Wild Cards and were promised Tag Team Championships in return.

Wild Cards come out to stop the Dawsons before more is revealed.

Marty Scurll promo recap is shown from after Into the Fire aired.

Bennett’s sit down interview with Scurll is still to come. Rock N’ Roll Express is in action next.

Eddie Kingston joins the commentary booth for the next match. He is asked about Homicide’s condition following Into the Fire. Kingston says that Homicide is fine, and offers nothing else on the matter.

Rock N’ Roll Express def. Zach Mosley and Sean Sims

Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed after their match. They said that they built this city when it comes to the NWA Tag Team Division. They mentioned on past battles with the Four Horsemen, The Midnight Express, among others.

They are then asked what their thoughts were on NWA Champion Nick Aldis. Ricky Morton responds with Aldis has a long road to get where Champions such as Flair is at.

The Dawsons come back out, but the Wild Cards stop them once more.

The Wild Cards def. The Dawsons

The Wild Cards continue their attack on the Dawsons. They then cut a promo saying that Dawsons are liars, and so is Santa. Suspended NWA talent Josephus shows up as Santa, giving away merchandise to fans.

A replay of James Storm’s post match interview at Into the Fire is shown.

Up next is the TV Title Tournament field

Zicky Dice is back out wth Marquez announcing the contenders for the TV Title tournament. The contenders are Ricky Starks, Caleb Konley, Colt Cabana, The Question Mark, Trevor Murdoch, Eddie Kingston, Tom Lattimer, Tim Storm, The Dawsons.

After the Dawsons are announced Nick Aldis shows up instead.

Former NWA TV Champion Nikita Koloff appears. He draws names of contenders who will face off in the tournament. Koloff draws Starks and Kingston, followed with Cabana and Question Mark. Both of these matches will take place next week.

Aldis then cuts a promo. He said that he joined the tournament because he wants challenge. He wants to be the first man to hold both The NWA World and TV Championships simultaneously.

Aldis proceeds to put over Starks, who is his draft pick. He puts Starks over until he says that he will lose to Aldis at the finals.

Aldis says ‘no comment’ when asked about Marty Scurll. It prompts him to go on a tirade about carrying the NWA and upholding the legacy of the NWA Championship. Aldis is then asked about Kamille, in which he says he no longer has an insurance policy, but he needs to assemble a team. He promises to have that in a few weeks.

Allysin Kay/ODB/Vox will take on Marti Belle/Thunder Rosa/Melina next week.

The interview with Marty Scurll is shown. Scurll says that he likes to keep people guessing and likes to stand out. He also said that he has never held a World Championship. That is what is next for Scurll.

Tim Storm joins commentary.

Eli Drake shows up and is not happy about being excluded from the TV Title Tournament. His voice is hoarse from his attack at Into the Fire. He is ready to take on Ken Anderson.

Eli Drake def. Ken Anderson in a No Disqualification match.

Aldis comes back out to confront Tim Storm. Both men go to the ring and get into a shoving match. The Wild Cards show up and attack Storm as Aldis watches.

Kamille then comes out and confronts Aldis. Suddenly, she spears Storm, followed with making out with Lattimer. It appears that Aldis has indeed assembles his team, as they celebrate by the end of the show.



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