What can Marijuana Benefit The Athletes?

What can Marijuana Benefit The Athletes?

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What can Marijuana Benefit The Athletes?


Marijuana has been legalized in many countries and territories. However, as the years progress, it seems that many of the old and false beliefs about marijuana has been changing as well. This could be the reason why so many athletes have come out about their marijuana use. Fortunately, athletes now can admit in public that they use marijuana. 

A few decades ago, you will never hear the words cannabis and sports mentioned in the same sentence. Marijuana’s bad reputation has made it almost impossible for any athlete or any sports scientist to consider whether marijuana can have positive effects in sports. Even worse, there are many organizations that have been penalizing athletes who made positive support for marijuana

Bob Arum, one of the biggest boxing promoter, has struggled for many years to advocate for the relaxation of boxing guidelines penalizing boxers who use weed. It was a struggle for him to change the negative mind set and poor understanding of the effects of marijuana on athletes. Until now, these negative and false opinion about marijuana makes it extremely difficult to legalize marijuana across the world. 

However, as cannabis laws in various countries relaxes, the opportunities in medical use of marijuana for sports have gained strong support from many weed enthusiasts, scientists, and athletes. 

With 29 states in the US have finally legalized medical use of marijuana, the call for pot-friendly athletics has garnered strong support from various sectors of the society. It has now become a social movement to make marijuana acceptable and available for athletes who need it. The stigma in using marijuana in sports is still strong, but advocates tirelessly work together to make people understand about the benefits of marijuana, especially in sports. 

There is a growing demand for marijuana among demographics that used to avoid it. The so-called new generation of cannabis user are being described to be people who one enjoy physically active lifestyle with strong, and healthy predisposition. Many amateur and professional athletes fall under this category. These pro-pot athletes use marijuana for a number of reasons.

Medically, these benefits are not exclusive only to athletes. Ordinary people can benefit immensely from marijuana. People of all ages and background can find relief in various maladies through the help of marijuana. This is why many countries have legalized marijuana use. There are strains of cannabis that have very specific medicinal and health value that both athletes and ordinary people can enjoy. Indica strains of cannabis are celebrated for most of the health benefits. There is so much to learn about the various indica strains of cannabis. 

Here are some of the reasons why pro-pot athletes use marijuana. As you read through this, think about your very own needs. Perhaps, the reasons mentioned below may also resonate with your own experience.


We often hear abour the saying, “no pain, no gain.” For ordinary people, this may not be as powerful. But for athletes, nothing describe their way of living any clearer than these four words. Athletes’ lifestyle us one that compels them to work their butts off to the limit. They often are expected to exert their bodies to the extreme. These makes physical pain constantly present in their lives.

Given this, it makes sense that many athletes lool for effective and tested ways for pain relief. Marijuana perhaps provides the best benefit in this area. 

Even though many athletes are required to constantly push their bodies to the limit, they are not immune to pain. The continuous physical exertion will inevitably lead to wear and tear that will translate into pain. 

Painkillers are not the option for many athletes to relieve their pain. Painkillers, especially opioids, are highly addictive. As such, marijuana offers a safer, cheaper and wiser alternative for athletes’ pain relief. 


Sports can be a very stressful work for an athlete. The trainings are usually very tiring physically, but it can be even worse for the mind and morale. Failure is always imminent. Competition always threatens an athlete’s standing in his sports. As well, athletes experience anxiety before playing in the field. There had been reports of psychosomatic symptoms among players such as throwing up before every playoff.  

Medical marijuana can help with the management of stress and anxiety that people in sports experience.  The CBD found in marijuana primarily produces better mood and a feeling of relaxation. For sufferers of stress and other disorders, this is really helpful. Without marijuana, this kind of problem could easily deteriorate yo something more sinister like depression. 


Having focused is an important characteristic of being a pro athlete. Being a person with strong focus helps in strategizing game plays as well as keeping the mind healthy and more resilient to stress. 

There are many strains of marijuana that actually can help people find focus. Marijuana, as an herb that helps people relax, can help the mind gain clarity in thinking and making decisions. The relaxing effect of certain strains of marijuana produces many positive effects for the athletes|

Prevents Muscle Spasms

Because of fatigue and non stop use of muscles, athletes can easily develop muscle spasms. This is pretty common in muscle groups that are being used when playing on the field. The muscle spasms is a symptom of fatigue and stress. 

There were many research done on the effects of marijuana on muscle spasms. This is particularly true for marijuana’s effects in management and control of epilepsy. Aside from epilepsy, studies have also underlined the positive effects of marijuana on people with multiple sclerosis, which also produces muscle spasms. 

You as an ordinary person can also get the benefits mentioned above. Marijuana is such an incredible herb. More and more benefits are being discovered by many scientists about the way the body and the mind benefit from constant marijuana use. Time is changing and we are seeing a very positive change in the way people view marijuana. Whereas in the past, marijuana was seen as a dangerous drug, now, it is being celebrated as some sort of a wonder herb. 

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