I Still Hate The Raiders, Even If It's All We Have Left

I Still Hate The Raiders, Even If It's All We Have Left


I Still Hate The Raiders, Even If It's All We Have Left


It’s the night before the home finale against the Raiders and it doesn’t mean a fucking thing.  That sums up the entire year.  Last year, we were on Saturday Night football at this time with the future seemingly limitless for the playoffs.  If we’d won that game we might have gotten the #1 seed.  Of course, we did beat the Ravens when it truly mattered in January.  You also could aruge that the team was much better on the road.  I haven’t watched the “ASAP” highlight film, but that is because of what has gone on this year.  I know that tomorrow’s game means zero and it would help if we just lost it.  We ended their playoff hopes a few years back and were punished with more Norv.  The fact that Dean used that meaningless win to suggest that the team was still fighting for their coach was “so Chargers.”

I hate using that term.  It really sucks when the NY Times runs a piece on how little fan support we have.  If we were winning, no one would be talking about it.  Last year at this time, San Diegans were wondering how they would feel if the Chargers won the Super Bowl.  Yes, some pointed out that they weren’t winning the LA market even with a 12 win season.  Look at where we are now.  It’s nice that other teams like the Bills are getting their shot and all, but I’m too petty to be happy for them.

I actually thought the Raiders were eliminated after their loss last week as someone had Tweeted it before.  If the Steelers win at 1 they will be.  However, I know even if they make it in I shouldn’t really root for us to win.  That’s what is so sad about this season.  I can’t even root for a win against the Raiders?  The loss is Oakland is officially where I would say it all went wrong even if I declared them done before.  The defense couldn’t stop the Raiders with 4 minutes to go and Bradley doesn’t get enough shit for that.  The missed extra point allowed Phil to finish them off and you know what happened next.  If Shane calls some runs in Mexico maybe the team builds a lead against KC.

Was putting Gordon into the starting lineup part of the problem?  They had already blown the Detroit game but the Houston, Denver, Pittsburgh losses were pretty damaging.  We saw in Oakland how good Gordon can still be, but there is no way we comes back.  They have to move on and give Ekeler a deal.  Jackson is too fragile to be the featured back but can spell Ekeler next year.

Joey Bosa has to be paid.  We all worry he doesn’t want to stay, but that’s because the team doesn’t seem ready to put together a contender.  Don’t give the shit about how Telesco needed to let Gordon sit because other guys would need extensions.  Bosa is the one who deserves it most and if you don’t offer him all the money, then why were you budgeting this year?  He’s been healthy and held on every play and has to watch this shitty team unravel around him.  Derwin James may be as vital, but Bosa needs to be extended NOW.  If you don’t then yeah everything people say about Spanos being cheap might as well be true.  Why are you going into this new stadium if you let Bosa walk?

I won’t even get into Rivers right now.  I have stood by him longer than most, but it’s time.  The line has been awful and there were times this year when it wasn’t his fault but it’s moot now.  I don’t think “reloading” with him will work.  He does not give a shit about ball security any more.  I think it would be a disaster going forward.

But I’m not watching tomorrow thinking this is the last home game for Rivers.  I’ll watch and root for them to win.  Even if the Raiders somehow got into the playoffs, I can’t dwell on that.  But I know each loss may make it easier for the team to turn the page and draft a QB.  That woudn’t be a bad thing at all.  So let ‘s just say it’s a win no matter what happens tomorrow.

I know this is real depressing, but that’s where this team has left us.  It’s Hanukkah, so there’s that.  For whatever members of The Legion that are still out there, Merry Christmas as well.  I’ll probably watch the Chiefs game on Monday after recording it.  If it meant something I would make sure to see it live, but as it is I am coming back from Gov’t Mule in Waterbury, CT and might as well take my time.  I am fortunate to have the next two weeks off, so I will have plenty of time to watch meaningless football.



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