How Golfers Can Improve Their Games With a Simple Item?

How Golfers Can Improve Their Games With a Simple Item?


How Golfers Can Improve Their Games With a Simple Item?


The perfect weather conditions are too much to ask for these days. Golf is a game that requires skills and control. But unfortunately, when the golfers are out to play on greens, it’s much of a struggle now. Instead of concentrating on the game, they tend to shield their eyes from the light, and white glimmer reflection of the grass expanded in the surroundings. Then what’s the solution for this? Suitable sunglasses for golfers can be helpful to leave the pain behind and work on the game. 

Sunglasses can set the difference by avoiding the direct reflex of light on the green. This helps shield the eyes while pushing towards your accuracy to win the game. You must be thinking, why not just regular sunglasses? Yes, they can be helpful to some extent but not fully supportive when it comes to improved comfort, protection, and accuracy, which are the sharp points in golf. The casual pair that you wear all the time can surely be comfortable, but a technically designed pair of high-quality shades can get you on with the game. And the best part is they don’t look any different but give a better experience. They can block certain types of light that are harmful to the eyes. 

Aug 26, 2018; Paramus, NJ, USA; Adam Hadwin talks to Phil Mickelson, reflected in Hadwin’s sunglasses, as they walk down the first hole fairway during the final round of the PGA Northern Trust at the Ridgewood Country Club. Mandatory credit: Danielle Parhizkaran/ via USA TODAY NETWORK

Just like your regular glasses, golf glasses, too, have several types. You can choose the shades based on the time and place you play. The color of the lenses are helpful to create different effects and filter what you see. Let’s see the features of each color:

  • Yellow and Red: Yellow and red-colored glasses are helpful in extreme weather conditions. They have improved contrast and depth perception to maintain the balance of weather condition effects.
  • Amber and Gray: Amber and Grey shades are suitable for sunny days. They create contrast and sharpness to reduce the sun’s effect on the eyes and increase you focus.
  • Copper or Brown: These blocks the higher range of blue light against the glass and blue skies and increase the contrast and visual acuity. 
  • Green: This has become one of the most used lenses because it’s color balancing by improving the contrast. 
  • Grey: Grey preserves the natural colors but reduces the brightness ultimately. This way, you can enjoy nature too and do not affect the sight.

Choosing the right color based on the weather conditions or the day you’re going to play can make give a perfect and successful shot.

Aug 11, 2019; Jersey City, NJ, USA; Patrick Reed’s caddy Kessler Karain lays on the green to read a putt on the 15th green during the final round of The Northern Trust golf tournament at Liberty National Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Sunglasses provide some protection, but that doesn’t fulfill the requirement. Golfing sunglasses are made keeping the full protection required for the game in mind that can prevent the direct exposure to UV and other harmful rays. The technology they use work to adjust the lighting to improve the focus on your by enhancing your visual. Good fit too a concerning point while gaming. It should be helpful to fit correctly to manage the motion during the game. Golfing sunglasses wind up just like any other sports glasses but they accommodate in a way to give more coverage to cover up the pain points. There are several companies available in the market who can provide the great golfing sunglasses. But you’ve got to be careful on every part to choose the best pair for your requirement. Let’s see the points that you’ve to consider:

  • Weight: Bulky and heavy glasses are hard to carry. Choose the lightweight ones so that you can comfortably wear the whole day. 
  • Lenses: Lenses are an essential part of the glasses and the reason to switch to a special one than a regular one. It should protect your eyes from UV rays and resistant to survive any weather conditions.
  •  Coverage: All the golfing glasses are usually cover better than the regular glasses to give a clear view of the target.
  • Color: Choosing the color depends on the place and time that you usually play. You can refer to the above section again to see what color is suitable for your requirements. 

We hope our guide is helpful in making a decision when you want to shop for golfing glasses next time. Happy Golfing!

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