What Is A Teaser Bet?

What Is A Teaser Bet?


What Is A Teaser Bet?


Betting is fun and rewarding if you know all the terms and strategies. A Teaser Bet is one name that often pops up when it comes to betting. Not too familiar with it? Read on for all you need to know about teaser bets. 

What Is A Teaser Bet?

As the name suggests, a teaser bet is a tease. It is a form of betting that allows you to combine your wager on two different games. Players can modify points spread for the two games, but when they win, payouts are lesser than a regular bet. To distribute points, the bettors can choose a minimum of two (2) teams and a maximum of fifteen (15).

A teaser is like a parlay bet in a sense that they both allow bettors to select more than one event. The only significant difference is that payouts from teasers are lower than payouts from parlays. Also, with a teaser, you can adjust points by adding or subtracting them over the selected teams, but a parlay doesn’t provide for adjustments.

Teaser bets are only for football and basketball betting. There are two types of teaser bets: 

  • Special Teaser – This is sometimes also called a monster or super teaser. This type of teaser allows a player to choose up to three to five teams. Here, the number of points awarded is more significant and can be added or subtracted to any of the teams chosen.  
  • Vegas or Normal Teaser – The Vegas teaser, on the other hand, allows the player to select more teams, up to 15. However, it has fewer points, and bettors can adjust this over chosen teams. One of the advantages of this type of teaser bet is that the more teams means higher payout.

Keep in mind, however, that before you place a teaser bet, it is essential to note that like parlays, teasers are a “lose one, lose everything” game. So, to win, you have to do the matchups correctly. Although, it is possible to recover a small amount of your original stake if your last matchup lands on the number you initially placed a bet on. 

To maximize your teaser bet, it is best to choose a reputable betting site. There are several sites available for this, such as Big Al, among others.

How Does A Teaser Bet Work?

To understand how a teaser bet works, you first need to be familiar with how point spread works. Sportsbook teaser bets can offer points of up to 6-7 points for football and 4-6 points for basketball games.

Points spread are lines set on a game between two mismatched opponents. For instance, If a football spread points read thus:

Panthers (-3.5) at Eagles (+3.5)

Giants (+10) at Jaguars (-10)

The underdog is written as +, while the favorite is -. In the spread point above, Eagles and the Giants are the favorites, while the Panthers and Jaguars represent the underdogs. Therefore, to win, a point spread on Panthers by four points is needed. On the other hand, Giants would have to lose or gain by 9 points or less for a point spread on the underdog to win.

How to Place Teaser Bets Online

Placing a teaser bet online is very easy. You can place a teaser at an online sportsbook by choosing the number of teams and totals. Then you select teaser and decide how many points you wish to tease.

To place a teaser bet online, you need online teaser cards. A teaser card shows the point lines and totals for each card. After you get your teaser card, choose between two and eight sides, and then select the amount you would like to wager. Click on submit and confirm the bet, and you have successfully placed a teaser bet online. 

How To Place Teaser Bets In Land-Based Casinos

A lot of land-based casinos offer teaser bets to punters. You can place a teaser bet in a land-based casino using a teaser card. It is better to fill out the card before you come into the casino to hasten all the process, or you can ask the ticket writer for one and fill in the details.

After providing the details, the ticket writer will ask you to confirm the details and changes before finally placing the bet. It is advisable to read and understand terms and conditions, especially on payout, before placing a teaser card.


Teasers can be rewarding when played with the right strategies. One of the mistakes to make about teaser bets is to assume they are easy money. One of the best strategies to use is to look for underdogs in the +2.5 up to 5 points and favorites with -7.5 to -9.5 to spot the best opportunities.

Always keep in mind that teaser bets are not big pay wins. If you are looking for higher pays, parlay bets will probably be a better choice.

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