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Exclusive NFL Lions vs Packers Live Stream Reddit

Lions vs Packers live stream Reddit

Exclusive NFL Lions vs Packers Live Stream Reddit


Exclusive NFL Lions vs Packers Live Stream Reddit


NFL is here, and there is more to it than the Parade. Well, we all crave the NFL parade, but there is a special breed of NFL fanatics that would be looking forward to the traditional game played on this day. Detroit Lions will be playing against Chicago Packers tomorrow in Detroit, and it’s going to be a game that will make this holiday sweeter. 

Lions vs Packers live stream Reddit




Coming to the point, The Fox Network will officially broadcast this game, so you can watch it on TV if you have the privilege, in case you are on the go then catching its Livestream is the next best thing to do. One way to do so is by downloading the Fox official app and subscribe to it if needed. In case you don’t feel like doing it or have other OTT services in your devices, then still there are many good options available. 

Lions vs Packers live streaming Reddit




Lions vs Packers NFL Live Stream

Here is the list of OTT content providers that you can use to live stream the Lions Vs. Packers NFL game. Read what we are writing carefully and decide on your favorite option quickly. We are on a clock here! 

Watch Lions vs Packers Live Stream Using Reddit 

If you want to watch the live stream absolutely free of cost then Reddit is here to your rescue. Just create a free account on Reddit, if you don’t already have one. Then start hunting and joining the relevant subreddits. That’s it, now be patient and soon you would find many free live streaming links. 

Fubo TV

Fubo TV has Fox in its bundle; it’s an excellent OTT service available at a great price point. For USD 54.99 a month, it’s a genuine bargain. The stream quality is excellent, and so is the device compatibility. There is a DVR service also clubbed in the subscription, and it comes with a 7-day trial. 

Sling TV

This is one OTT content provider that is gaining some huge popularity. Sports fans love them, and that’s because they are versatile and affordable. For 25 USD a month, their blue service gives you access to the Fox, which you can use wisely to watch the game. DVR space is available for five bucks additional. You can use their service on three devices simultaneously. It comes with a seven days trial period. 


Known for their video-on-demand service, HULU has Fox in its bundle. For a monthly subscription cost of 44.99 USD, it is a real killer service. The package comes with 50 hours of DVR space. The entire family can use this service as it has excellent video-on-demand service. There are no free trial options, though, but overall it’s an excellent service. 

Youtube TV 

YouTube TV is an excellent service, with great live stream quality. For 49.99 USD a month, you get access to Fox and many other channels. The best part is that it comes with unlimited DVR space to store all your favorite shows and games. As for the features and usability, it’s a Youtube product. That’s all we can say! 

We hope you enjoy your holiday to the max. Do let us know how you saw the live stream of the match. Your feedback will be highly appreciated and will give us the right dose of motivation to keep going. Happy NFL day! 

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