Jared Dudley at odds with former teammate Blake Griffin

Jared Dudley at odds with former teammate Blake Griffin


Jared Dudley at odds with former teammate Blake Griffin


At 34 years of age, Jared Dudley doesn’t offer teams all that much in terms of production on the court anymore, but he is a great locker room guy to have around.

He’s averaging 1.5 points, 0.9 rebounds and 0.6 assists in roughly eight minutes per game this season, so it’s not like he’s exactly lighting it up on the court. But he’s great as a locker-room presence to help keep the balance between the young guys and older players running smoothly.

And while he’s known to be well-liked by his teammates, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gotten along with everyone he’s played with. Dudley recently spoke to Bill Oram of The Athletic, and he revealed that he doesn’t get along with Blake Griffin — who he played with on the Clippers for a few years — anymore.

“I don’t get along with Blake Griffin now,” Dudley said. “When I was with him I didn’t have a bad relationship with him. That team was the most toxic team. It was weird because it was a bipolar type team. We were somewhat cool off the floor; we weren’t cool on the floor. I just don’t like his personality and attitude. I think he’s a great basketball player and I think you can differentiate the two. It’s easy to be the greatest teammate when you’re winning. How about when you’re losing? How about when you’re down 20? And that’s the biggest thing with that team. It was the biggest front-running team.

“You’re up 20, everything’s good, throwing lobs. Down 20, people want to fight, bickering. I don’t want to say (Griffin is) my least favorite. That’s a (former) teammate right now that I don’t talk (to), don’t get along (with), words aren’t exchanged on the court, yada yada.”

That’s interesting, as we continue to hear stories about how toxic the environment was for the Lob City era Clippers.

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