WWE Monday Night Raw Results (12/30): Last Show Of 2019, Bobby Lashley And Lana Get Married

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (12/30): Last Show Of 2019, Bobby Lashley And Lana Get Married

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results (12/30): Last Show Of 2019, Bobby Lashley And Lana Get Married


This edition of Monday Night Raw took place at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. This was the final episode of 2019. The show featured the wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana and a rematch from TLC as Aleister Black took on Buddy Murphy.

Kevin Owens opens the show. He comes out to the ring and says he is going to make some fireworks tonight. He shows the footage from last week with Seth Rollins and AOP taking out Owens, Mysterio and Samoa Joe. Kevin said he respects Rey Mysterio and it made him sick to watch them attack Rey last week. He says that was the reason why Rey lost the United States Championship to Andrade at Madison Square Garden.

Seth Rollins and AOP come out and Seth explains that he is doing this because he is forced to do it. Seth says Kevin gave him no choice but to enforce his will. Kevin runs out of the ring to attack AOP but AOP beat him down. AOP continues the beat down in the ring as they assault him in the corner. Samoa Joe’s music hits and Joe attacks AOP outside the ring. Joe attacks Rollins in the ring and puts him in the Coquina Clutch. AOP comes to Seth’s aid but Owens nails them with a steel chair. Security Guards come out to break up the brawl. Ownes dives onto everyone from the turnbuckle to the outside. Owens continues to beat down AOP and Seth as they go to commercial.

Joe and Owens are interviewed and says Seth chose to get Joe involved in this. Security comes up to them to escort them out of the building. Joe threatens them to not touch him. Owens wishes the security guards a happy new year.

Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy

Seth says management wants them to leave but says this show will be cancelled if they leave. Security escorts them out.

Erick Rowen confronts Lana about not being invited to the wedding as she prepares for it. He says him and his pet don’t care anyway.

Erick Rowan defeated Kip Stevens

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring to announce her entry into the Women’s Royal Rumble match. She says everyone pretty much already knows she’ll be in the match. She lists all of her accomplishments and claims that she is the first woman of the decade to announce her entry. She wants to show everyone why she is the queen of the WWE. She challenges anyone to come out and bow to the queen. Natalya comes out.

R-Truth comes out during the Natalya and Charlotte match as he is being chased around the ring with the 24/7 Championship. Charlotte hits Eric Young with a big boot when he entered the ring.

Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya 

Becky Lynch announces in an interview that she will defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka at the Royal Rumble. She says she needs to know if being on top is worth it.

A Liv Morgan vignette shows her saying that she is ready to show the real Liv Morgan.

The OC make their way to the ring. AJ Styles shows footage from 2 weeks ago when Gallows and Anderson beat the Viking Raiders. He shows the OC winning the six man tag match last week. Anderson and Gallows claim they are next in line to challenge for the tag titles. The Street Profits interrupt. They claim they are the best tag team in the world since they have beaten Gallows and Anderson. AJ says they were lucky. Gallows dares them to get in the ring to face them. The Street Profits accept the challenge.

The Street Profits defeated Gallows and Anderson

The Street Profits celebrate their victory backstage. They claim they are the best tag team in the universe.

Before his match against Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre says that Ryder and Hawkins should be worried about Drew facing them in the 2 on 1 handicap match.

Drew McIntyre defeated Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

Randy Orton comes out on crutches as he makes his way to the ring. Randy says that this is not ballet. He says everyone in the locker room risks their lives every time they come out to the ring. The fans chant for him. He says he has seen competitors relinquish their titles due to an injury. He says he’ll be out for a long time but he might not be able to come back. The fans chant “No.” He says no matter what happens he will make sure someone gets an RKO at WrestleMania.

AJ Styles interrupts him, taunting Randy. He says he’ll put his arms behind his back so Randy can strike. AJ says he’ll wait till WrestleMania to put him in the Calf Crusher, make him tap out and retire him. AJ swipes the crutch away from Randy. Randy says the big difference between him and AJ is that AJ is patient but he is not. Randy hits an RKO on AJ, showing that his leg is okay.

Footage is shown of Rey Mysterio after his match with Andrade explaining he will have his rematch to get the United States title back. Rey also promises that he will stand tall when he exacts revenge on Seth Rollins and AOP.

In Andrade’s match against a local competitor, he is about to land a DDT on the concrete floor until Ricochet makes the save. Ricochet challenges him to a one on one match.

Andrade defeated Ricochet

Andrade is interviewed and announced that Rey Mysterio faces Andrade for the U.S. title next week. Zelina says Rey will get another taste of defeat next week.

Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler announce that next week Brock Lesnar will return along with the U.S. Championship on the line and a triple threat match for the RAW tag team titles will take place as The Street Profits will face The Viking Raiders and Gallows and Anderson.

Bobby Lashley and Lana are introduced for their wedding.

During the ceremony, Lana gets annoyed by the Rusev Day chants. She yells at them saying this is not about Rusev. She tells the fans to shut up after they start chanting “Rusev Day.” She says her vows to Bobby, telling Bobby that he is marrying the greatest woman of all time. She calls the fans pathetic and that the greatest gift Bobby could give himself is her. She tries to drown out the Rusev Day chants by saying “Lana Day.” She claims this is the greatest moment of his career. She jumps on Bobby and starts kissing him. She says she took a lot of time to write these vows.

Bobby says he is the luckiest man on the planet because he he is marrying the most beautiful woman ever. She interrupts, telling the fans that this is about her. He says this is the greatest moment of his life and thanks her for getting to marry her. Bobby puts the ring on Lana’s finger. Lana tries to rush the placing of the ring and puts the ring on Bobby’s finger.

A man in a suit comes down to the ring and objects to the wedding. He claims he is Lana’s first husband and they got married when she first turned 18. He says she left him for Rusev and warns Bobby that she’ll do the same thing to Bobby. Bobby picks him up and slams him to the mat.

They continue on with the ceremony until a woman objects. She claims that she is Bobby’s first wife. She says they met when Bobby was in the military. She says it was so beautiful but then Lana slaps her off the apron.

They continue on with the ceremony until Liv Morgan comes out crying and claims that the person of her life is right there. She asks how could they do this to me. Bobby says she’s never been with this woman before but then Liv says she’s talking about Lana. Lana attacks Liv. They brawl in the ring until referee’s try to separate them.

They continue on with the ceremony as Liv is taken away until Rusev pops out of the cake and attacks Lashley. Rusev hits Bobby with a kick. Liv comes back and attacks Lana. The show ends as Liv continues to attack her.






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