Antonio Brown believes Saints workout was 'publicity stunt'

Antonio Brown believes Saints workout was 'publicity stunt'


Antonio Brown believes Saints workout was 'publicity stunt'


The Saints worked out free agent receiver Antonio Brown last week, but the former Patriots pass-catcher claims it was just a show, and nothing more.

Brown has effectively been suspended by the NFL, as they continue to investigate what they believed to be behavior that violates the Personal Conduct Policy, due to an alleged domestic violence incident.

In the meantime, he’s been quite active working out, and also tweeting. He threw some shade at both Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster recently, which wasn’t really a good look. AB also shared an interesting take, stating that his workout with the Saints was merely a “publicity stunt” by the team.

“I know I got a really crusty tone lately,” Brown said, on a video posted on social media, while appearing to run on a treadmill. “But really I’m at peace. I just don’t like the lack of respect in the world. You know, everyone has deadlines. I guess the NFL don’t have a deadline for me, so. I appreciate Sean Payton and them guys for supporting me and bringing me out to work out. But I think it was a publicity stunt for them. Sean Payton know the feeling of being left behind, not being able to interact with his team. I don’t have a team. But it is what it is. We don’t seek comfort. We don’t make excuses. I’m just keep committing to be the difference. [Be]cause I know I’m the difference.”

Brown’s eventually going to have to learn to let the investigation play out, and just remain quiet, behind the scenes, in hopes of getting back with an NFL team next season. All this talk isn’t going to help him going forward.

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