HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part One)

HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part One)

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HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part One)


As the calendar changes from 2019 to 2020, it’s crucial to reflect on everything that has happened these past 12 months. Most important…what were the top ten listened to episodes of The Hall of Very Good Podcast?

Here you go!

  1. Jay Jaffe (Episode 150)

The Cooperstown Casebook author (and beer aficionado) returns to talk to the boys about the 2019 Hall of Fame class, looks ahead at the 2020 ballot, shares his next pet project and reveals the one candidate he wishes he would have included in his book.

Also, Jay admits to having never seen 1966’s “Batman”. Say what?

  1. Hjordis and Jasmine Lee Ellis (Episode 158)

The founders of The Dock Ellis Foundation talk to the boys about the work they’re doing assisting victims of domestic violence, share what the legendary Major Leaguer was like as a husband and a father, update the status of the proposed Dock Ellis biopic (and who the pitcher would have liked to have played him) and reflect upon Dock’s relationship with his former teammate Roberto Clemente.

  1. Delino DeShields (Episode 156)

The Texas Rangers outfielder talks to the boys about being part of an athletic family (his father played Major League Baseball and his sister is in the WNBA), the historic and cultural significance of his tattoos, his desire to get more African-American youth involved in baseball and , lastly, his connection with Sonic the Hedgehog.

  1. Michael Connelly (Episode 155)

The New York Times bestselling author talks to the boys about his return to journalism in the form of his podcast “Murder Book, how he nabbed Vin Scully for his hit Amazon show “Bosch”, that time he and his buddies took over George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa and, lastly, answers the age-old question “does dude REALLY name some of his characters after former Major Leaguers?”

  1. Phil Hecken and Todd Radom (Episode 166)

The longtime friends and uniform experts re-join the boys to break down their favorite teams (more specifically…their logos, jerseys and caps) taking part in this year’s Copa de la Diversión.

Also…what is a bivouac?

What else made the list? Click HERE for 6-10.

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