HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

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HOVG Podcast: 2019 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)


As the calendar changes from 2019 to 2020, it’s crucial to reflect on everything that has happened these past 12 months. Most important…what were the top ten listened to episodes of The Hall of Very Good Podcast?

Here you go!

  1. Larry King (Episode 151)

The legendary broadcaster returns (for the third time!) to talk to the boys about the 2019 Hall of Fame class, looks ahead at the 2020 ballot, reveals the one guy who he believes should be getting more love from the BBWAA and speculates as to who might be the next unanimous Hall of Famer.

  1. Manny Sanguillén (Episode 147)

The two-time World Series champion and three-time All-Star talks to the boys about how he went from playing baseball in the streets of Panama to being the beloved face of a BBQ restaurant in Pittsburgh, shares what it was like being part of Major League Baseball’s first all-black and Latino lineup, gets excited about fellow countryman Mariano Rivera making it into the Hall of Fame, recalls his favorite moment as a big leaguer and, of course, fondly remembers his close relationships with both Dock Ellis and Roberto Clemente.

  1. Carl Tart (Episode 160)

The actor, writer, comedian and Little League All-Star(!) talks to the boys about his podcast “Carl Alarm”, shares the specifics of his recent appearance on Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” and reveals just how drunk he was, recalls just how much fun it was to write for “Brockmire” and imagines just how far in life an email from Hank Aaron could get him.

  1. Andy Brown (Episode 188)

Fresh from completing his tour of all 30 Major League stadiums, the British artist and painter talks to the boys about spending the second half of the baseball season crisscrossing the United States in a rental car, his favorite places to visit and paint, the milestones he’s witnessed and (for some reason) shares his newfound his love of smoked salmon.

  1. John Kruk (Episode 157)

The three-time All-Star and current MLB analyst talks to the boys about the importance of young women playing baseball, why he took over the head coaching gig for his daughter’s softball team what it was like digging in against Randy Johnson.

What else made the list? Click HERE for the five most listened to episodes of 2019.

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