Ja Morant mulling invite to slam dunk contest

Ja Morant mulling invite to slam dunk contest


Ja Morant mulling invite to slam dunk contest


It seems like every game that Ja Morant plays this season never fails to include at least one jaw-dropping dunk, so it makes perfect sense that he would be invited to next month’s slam dunk contest. The question is: Will he do it?

According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, the rookie point guard is still mulling the offer of participating in the event because of a recent bout with back spasms that occurred just a few months ago. That’s the only thing that would prevent Morant from participating.

If he agrees to do it, fans can expect the No. 2 overall pick to light up the night with the same electrifying dunks that he’s been throwing down all season with the Grizzlies. Here’s a few of them courtesy of Bleacher Report:

Clearly, there’s no shortage of hops in Morant’s game. However, the dunk contest is all about creativity and nailing your dunks on the first try in front of a packed house. Let’s hope for the sake of all the NBA fans out there that Morant is healthy enough and willing to accept his invite.

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