WWE 'Monday Night Raw' Results (1/6): Brock Lesnar Enters the 'Royal Rumble' Match, Superstar Makes Return, More

WWE 'Monday Night Raw' Results (1/6): Brock Lesnar Enters the 'Royal Rumble' Match, Superstar Makes Return, More

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WWE 'Monday Night Raw' Results (1/6): Brock Lesnar Enters the 'Royal Rumble' Match, Superstar Makes Return, More


The first Monday Night Raw of 2020 started off with the WWE champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Heyman said they are starting off the new year by making history because that is what Brock Lesnar does. Heyman also said that Lesnar does not feel like anyone on any of the rosters is worthy of stepping up to him and to challenge for the WWE championship. He then announces that the “dream match” is Brock Lesnar against everyone, therefore Lesnar is entering first in the Royal Rumble.

Rey Mysterio says his career doesn’t have much left. He will use what he has left to gain his U.S. championship back.

Andrade successfully defended the US championship against Rey Mysterio 

Andrade took advantage of Rey Mysterio’s concern of Zelina Vega (who Mysterio was thrown into) then hit the Hammerlock DDT on Mysterio to win. He took off the mask of Rey Mysterio and celebrated with Vega.


Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe are asked if they can trust each other in their upcoming match against AOP and Seth Rollins. KO says “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Joe says he “has a guy” to help even the odds in their match, but won’t tell KO who it is.

Seth Rollins and AOP accepts the challenge from KO and Samoa Joe. Rollins says he was chosen to be the Messiah of Monday Night and whomever stands in his way the AOP will take care of.

The Street Profits say they are changing the conversation and will “bling” in the new year by becoming the new tag team champions.

The Viking Raiders retain the Raw tag team championships against the Street Profits and the OC.

Ivar hit Karl Anderson with a splash from the top rope to win the match.


Samoa Joe takes KO to see who the mystery partner is. Kevin Owens likes what he sees.

Becky Lynch comes out to the ring. She says she has been wondering what it means to be The Man and if she should just be content with the press and red carpets. She wonders if she should just avoid the one person she can’t seem to beat.  Asuka interrupts her and starts spatting insults in Japanese her way. Becky drops her and walks out.


Mojo Rawley asks Rowan backstage if he can look in the cage. Rowan lets him look. Mojo looked scared and began screaming.

Andrade is asked if he crossed the line against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio attacks him and takes his mask and the U.S. championship as well.

Erik Rowans wins with the Iron Claw in a squash match

After obliterating his opponent, he rubbed his face against the cage. The enhancement talent ran away screaming with a red face.

Seth Rollins and the AOP look concerned about their match later on.

AJ Styles defeated Akira Tozawa

Styles mocks Randy Orton by doing the signature RKO pose to celebrate his victory.

Lana and Bobby Lashley get married. Lana says she is supposed to be happy but she isn’t. She says it is everyone that doesn’t want them married who is at fault. Lashley says the biggest at fault is Rusev. Rusev appears on the big screen at the beach. Rusev gives them a “wedding present” in the form of a wedding album. Lana begins to scream that she hates him. Lashley told her to be quiet before he challenges Rusev for next week. Rusev accepts and says that next week will be the return of the Bulgarian Brute.

R Truth is asked what his vision of 2020 will be. Liv Morgan interrupts and announces she will be in Rusev’s corner next week.

Sarah Logan began attacking Charlotte Flair before the match starts. She begins messing with Flair’s robe, making her angry. Charlotte gets back at her  and walks away. The match never officially starts.

Drew McIntyre defeated No Way Jose via the Claymore Kick

McIntyre lays waste to Jose and his conga line. He announces he will be entering the Royal Rumble.

Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin via Black Mass

After the match, Buddy Murphy attacks Black from behind. He delivers a few knees to the jaw. He grabs a chair and knees the chair into Black’s face.

Seth Rollins and AOP are ready for their match next.

Rollins and AOP come to the ring after commercial break. Rollins says that he is the chosen one to lead Raw to the promised land. He says he will take down anyone who impedes on progress. He tells the opponents to come and meet the Monday Night Messiah.

The Mystery Partner of Owens and Joe is the Big Show, who hasn’t been on Monday Night Raw for two years.

Owens, Joe, and Big Show defeated AOP and Rollins via disqualification

Rollins hit Show with a chair to end the match in disqualification. Show retaliates by hitting Seth Rollins with the KO punch. AOP drags Seth out of the ring to end the show.

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