How Different Types of Disc Golf Discs Can Change Your Game!

How Different Types of Disc Golf Discs Can Change Your Game!


How Different Types of Disc Golf Discs Can Change Your Game!


When you first start out playing disc golf, you might not find it that big of a deal the differences in discs.  But once you start getting used to playing you begin to realize that you actually need quite a few different types of discs to ensure that you have the right type of discs for the right shots.  When I first started I just assumed that the only difference in discs was the color, but the more I began to play the more I realized that each disc can fly completely different and certain discs are actually designed specifically for certain types of shots.  After reading this guide, you’ll hopefully begin to realize that you need the best disc golf discs to help your disc golf game!

Distance Drivers:

The most prominent type of discs are of course distance drivers.  Distance drivers are usually the first disc you’ll use, and are designed for tee offs for maximum distance.  These discs are designed to get you as far down the fairway as possible, while hopefully still giving you some sort of control over where the disc is flying.  These are typically heavier and a bit thicker plastic than other discs and require a stronger arm speed to get the optimal rotation. 

Mid-Range Discs:

Typically the next disc you’ll use will be some sort of a mid-range disc.  These discs are typically a blend of a distance driver and a putter.  They are a little lighter plastic than distance drivers and are designed to be thrown with slightly shorter distance than drivers but more control.  They are designed to layup near the basket from ranges of about 200 feet and in.  These typically fly on a more straight line compared to distance drivers which make them perfect for layup shots.


Hopefully the final disc you’ll use on a disc golf course is a putter.  Just like in normal golf, putters are designed for the final shot into the basket.  They are designed with a wider rim and thick plastic which makes it a much shorter throw, but really helps with control.  These are designed to be thrown from about 50-75 feet and shorter and don’t have much variance in movement.  The easiest way to cut off a few strokes on your game is practicing with your putter and becoming familiar with it.

Overall when you start to play disc golf more and more you begin to realize just how important it is to be familiar with different types of discs.  These can drastically improve your game and give you the arsenal you need for a variety of different types of shots and flight patterns which you might need!

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