Meet Virgil Pruteanu: The Most Notorious Chiropractor in Romania

Meet Virgil Pruteanu: The Most Notorious Chiropractor in Romania

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Meet Virgil Pruteanu: The Most Notorious Chiropractor in Romania


Well, if you’re still in pain, then you probably haven’t met a master chiropractor. Virgil Pruteanu is a highly reputable chiropractor who works just by the Black Sea, in Romania. He travelled quite a bit across the globe, from America to Asia and Norway to Africa, to learn and perfect his art. Still, he’s not planning to move away from his beloved home country.

Being the ‘there’s no place like home’ type of person, and with medical tourism being so prevalent in Romania, there’s no wonder why he’s not moving from Constanta, even though he’s got patients from around the world. His primary source of publicity is word-of-mouth; After all, several weightlifting champions have passed through his hand.

People go to Virgil because they get the results they want: usually, the pain subsides after the first session. He is known for successfully treating plenty of conditions such as back pain,  herniated disc, spondylosis, necrosis, numbness, joints problems, headaches, and various sports injuries, amongst others.

Some of the methods Virgil performs are considered to be an art form in some countries. The first task is to correctly identify what causes the pain, and it can be seemingly insignificant factors. Then, his oil-free and clothes-on therapy involves a tiny bit of pain. Still, the results are immediate, so patients quickly forget about it and return whenever they feel the need to.

TSD – Tell us a bit about yourself: How did it all start?

Virgil – My passion for the art of healing started when I was very young. I did  Ninjutsu for 12 years. After each intense training session, the instructor taught us Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku – Japanese Traditional Medicine. I was hooked. That was the moment I entered the Asian medicine realm. Being passionate about anatomy, I deepened the Japanese culture: At 24, I was introduced to Seitai – Japanese Chiropractic. Now I’m Structural Osteopathy & Soft Chiropractic practitioner certified by the Ackermann Institute in Sweden.

Moreover, I am endorsed by the Order of Complementary Medical Practices. Regarding the recognition, I can say that chiropractic is a regulated medical profession in more than 40 countries.

I’ve been doing it for about 15 years.

TSD – I understand you are the go-to-guy in Romania when it comes to chiropractic, physical therapy, physiotherapy and sports rehab. How did you stand out?

Virgil – For five years, I worked as a physical therapist for the Olympic Weightlifting Team. During that time they won 2 medals at the 2012 London Olympics: Silver medal for Roxana Cocos, and a bronze medal for Razvan Martin.

Afterwards, I was lucky to work with quite a few decorated athletes from various sports: BJJ world champion Lucas Leite, 8th degree red and black belt in BJJ Rigan Machado, weightlifting champions Loredana Toma (+50 gold medals), and Alina Andries (+30 gold medals), Mayweather Promotions pro boxer Ronald Gavril, strawweight division UFC competitor Carla Esparza, and Olympic sabre fencer silver medal winner Rares Dumitrescu.

I love helping people, and I’m passionate about what I do. I’m happy every time somebody leaves the cabinet happy. I believe that’s my secret! I treat patients equally, regardless of their status. I’ve got more than 100 video testimonials on my YouTube channel.

Find out more about Romania’s best chiropractor and get in touch with Virgil Pruteanu via his website or by following his Facebook page.

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