Gameday 45: The Yotes are good? The Yotes are good!

Gameday 45: The Yotes are good? The Yotes are good!


Gameday 45: The Yotes are good? The Yotes are good!


Penguins @ Coyotes

Gila River Arena | Glendale, AZ

6:00PM Eastern | ESPN+ | AT&TSN-PT

Welcome back to weekend gameday. The gameday that lost a 5 way parlay on the god damn Ravens yesterday.

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The first thing important to note about today’s game is the Coyotes are actually pretty good now! I know, I had no idea until this morning either. The second thing to know is they are coached by a former Penguin assistant. The third thing to know is Phil! This paragraph will account for 90% of what the announcers say during this game.

The other 10% will probably be Taylor Hall/Sidney Crosby adjacent.

Crosby practiced yesterday, but if you’re reading this, you probably knew that already. It doesn’t go without saying what a big deal this is. The Pens have held this ship together with electrical tape, cigarettes, and bailing wire. Getting 87 back makes a run through the East seem all the more possible.


Johnson-Letang makes me want to leave my family and move to Idaho to sell used cars. I know a guy who actually did this. Last year during a softball game he got so high on mushrooms he fell asleep under a tree. He lives a miserable life now, but none more miserable than every time I see this d-pair.

Jarry in the cage.










Six games left until the All-Star break. Build momentum into the break.

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May our beautiful son forever thrive. Go Pens. Go Phil.

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